The Empowered Modern Witches Summit

Self-Care with the Sun, Moon + Stars

Second Annual    •    September 20-24, 2021

Astrea Taylor

Presenting On:

Intuitive Astrology: How to Thrive in Every Transit

In this class, we’ll explore our intuition about how each of the moon signs and sun signs make us feel. We’ll then tie that into the ways you can thrive while also acknowledging what limitations you may experience during those transits. With this knowledge, we’ll formulate individual systems for self-care and success for the whole year.

Live Presentation: Wednesday, September 22, 3:00 pm Pacific

About Astrea Taylor
Pronouns: She/Her

Astrea Taylor is an eclectic, intuitive pagan witch, writer, and speaker whose goals include empowering other witches and encouraging them to use intuition in their witchcraft. She is the author of Intuitive Witchcraft and Air Magic, and she blogs as Starlight Witch on Patheos. When she’s not writing, she dances with fire as the co-leader of Aurora Fire Dancers. Learn more at

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