Ep. 19: 5 tips for practicing witchy self-care rituals

Witchcraft and self-care both have deep roots in ancient, ancestral wisdom and modern, feminist movements. Yet, both have become associated with trendy, consumerist culture as well.

Both of these practices are actually rooted in taking care of yourself – that means caring for your body and physical health, your mental health, and working to reduce stress and anxiety, but also caring for yourself on a spiritual and intuitive level as well, (and even community care). Witchy self care involves practicing self love too and recognizing that you are worthy of rest, nourishment, and support.

Take time on a regular or daily basis to practice self care rituals and witchy self care activities that support you in all of these areas. A holistic practice is important, as we don’t want to just nourish ourselves in one area but totally neglect another.

It’s also essential for your witchcraft and self-care practice to make sense in your real, daily life – even on a busy day, you want to have rituals that support you. In fact, when things feel busy, stressful, or challenging – that’s when we truly need self-care the most!

In this episode, I’m sharing five tips for creating your own witchy self-care rituals from my book, The Modern Witch’s Guide to Magickal Self-Care:

1. Get curious about what really resonates with you.

2. Check out where the moon is in your astrological chart for self-care inspiration, as well as what your sun, rising, and Ceres signs are.

3. Start and end the day with morning and evening self-care rituals.

4. Allow space for your rituals to adapt and evolve as you do.

5. Think of your rituals in categories, what I like to call the 5 Pillars of Divinity. This includes practices that support your mind, body, intuition, connection to nature, and sense of devotion.

Let’s fight the patriarchy together and reclaim the true meaning of witchcraft and self-care by creating sacred rituals that nurture our minds, bodies, and intuition!

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