Ep. 18: How to have more consistent rituals

Let’s talk about how you can turn that around and create rituals that are not only fun and fulfilling but that you both WANT to do and will ACTUALLY do.

We’ll go over my four cardinal tips for greater consistency: 

1. Know thyself – before you can create any rituals, you have to know what you want and what you need

2. Make your rituals a priority by scheduling time for them

3. Have a plan and know what it is you’re going to do, what you need, how much time you need, etc

4. Have several rituals to choose from for when you don’t have time and so you don’t feel to constrained

Another excellent way to be more consistent in your practice is to allow the moon phases to guide you. The new and full moons provide a natural checkpoint in your practice every two weeks, or you can even add in the quarter moons in between or work with the moon in all twelve signs of the zodiac – it’s your practice, so it’s totally up to you!

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