Ep. 16: How to Have Fun as a Witch!

Ep. 16: How to have fun as a witch! | The Empowered Modern Witches Show by The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Witchcraft is a sacred journey of exploring your spirituality, transmuting your shadows into strengths, and empowering the oppressed. But it’s not all serious all the time – being a witch is actually super fun too!

Your practice should include things that bring you joy. Rituals should feel fun and fulfilling. Nothing should ever feel like an obligation or pointless to you. No, we don’t always feel like doing our rituals and shadow work is never going to be fun – but there is a balance to be struck.

For one thing, all the fun seasonal things you do like going to the beach in summer and carving pumpkins in the fall can actually be part of your spiritual practice.

Things that are fun for me include the whole process of planning, planting, harvesting and working with my herbs, (makes me feel like Claire from Outlander), travel, genealogy research, and just curling up at home with a cozy meal and a glass of wine. These might not sound particularly spiritual and yet, I connect with nature by working in my garden, I use my herbs to make delicious, magickal tea blends, I’ve taken pilgrimages to ancestral spots which were deeply spiritual experiences, and this cottage witch finds food and wine to be downright transcendent…

Not everything in your spiritual practice has to look super witchy in order to be fulfilling! But I found that I didn’t always know what I found fun or what brought me joy.

Luckily, my astrological chart had tons of insight for me. The sun rules joy and inspiration, as well as the sign of Leo and the 5th house. Look up where these are in your chart to get some insight into how you can have more fun as a witch, (and in the rest of your life too!)

This month in the Starlight Coven, we’re learning all about Leo season and how to find the joy in your spiritual practice.

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