Ep. 15: How to Practice Seasonal Self-Care

Self-care are the actions we take to nurture our spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional needs. Seasonal self-care is a practice that nurtures our needs in alignment with the cycles of nature – the seasons, moon phases, and movement of the planets.

Seasonal self-care rituals reconnect us with the ancient rhythms we’ve been exiled from, thanks to electric lights, indoor air conditioning, and an intentional break from the ways of our ancestors. Seasonal self-care means tapping into the energy around you and within you so that you can flow with everything in its natural time, instead of fighting against nature.

It is so much easier to create what we desire when we’re aligned with the right season and time for creation, instead of trying to create during a period of rest and release, for example! In fact, constantly trying to create out of sync with nature leads to burnout and exhaustion – and not a lot of results.

My book, The Modern Witch’s Guide to Magickal Self-Care, also dives into exploration of these topics – and it’s available now for pre-order!

The book will be released October 6, 2020 and will help you to create daily rituals that honor the cycles of nature and their unique impact on you and that fit effortlessly into your real, daily life.

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