Ep. 14: How to Consciously Choose NOT to Practice Cultural Appropriation

Ep. 14: How to Consciously Choose NOT to Practice Cultural Appropriation | The Empowered Modern Witches Show by The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Cultural appropriation is a rampant problem in the spiritual and witchcraft community and it’s time for us to speak up and take action to choose a better path.

Cultural appropriation is the act of stealing ideas, traditions, practices, and objects without giving any attribution to people indigenous to that culture. It happens all the time in our community, as many “new age” practices are rooted in especially Native American and Asian traditions.

We can choose to do better by:

  • Buying and learning from indigenous peoples
  • Reclaiming the lineage of magick in our own ancestral cultures
  • Amplifying the voices of witches of color (share their work, buy their stuff!)
  • Knowing when it’s time to speak up and act versus when it’s time to listen and be still

I’m claiming the importance of this work and standing for what I believe to be our responsibility as witches. We exist at the intersection of magick and justice, (credit to one of my mentors, Lauren Elizabeth for that concept). It’s our duty to use our voices and our privilege to transform this world and our own practices into one that honors and seeks out complexity.

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