Ep. 12: Create consistency in your life with seasonal rituals

Ep. 12: Create Consistency in Your Life with Seasonal Rituals | The Empowered Modern Witches Show by the Witch of Lupine Hollow

In today’s episode, we’re talking all about how you can create consistency in your life by honoring the inconsistency of nature with seasonal rituals.

Nature is always evolving and changing, but returns to the same spaces and energies each season, year after year. We celebrate these energetic returns with the eight pagan sabbats. Two of the most important of these are Beltane on May 1 and Samhain on October 31 in the Northern Hemisphere, (reversed in the Southern Hemisphere.)

Beltane is the witches’ celebration of life – when the earth laughs in flowers.

Samhain is the witches’ new year and celebration of death – when Persephone descends into the Underworld once more, to be crowned queen. 

These energies of life and death are both equally essential to the life cycle, to witchcraft, and to your own energy. 

Practicing seasonal rituals to mark the sabbats is an excellent way to check in with your own energy and ask how you can adapt your practices. Our energy shifts and evolves throughout the seasons which is why it’s simply not realistic to expect yourself to be able to show up in the same exact way every day of the year.

However, if you can adapt your rituals to support your unique needs throughout the seasons, (whether those are daily rituals, moon, seasonal, or otherwise), then you make space for consistency within the ever-evolving cycle of your real, daily life. 

In this episode, you’ll find ideas for celebrating Beltane with a maypole, gardening, connecting with the fae, and literally stopping to smell the roses and celebrating Samhain with visits to a pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, or a traditional Dumb Supper. 

I’m sharing some of my own favorite memories of these seasons and how those experiences help me tap into my own energy and create consistent spiritual practices to support myself!

How do you use seasonal rituals to check in with your own energy?

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