Ep. 10: How the moon phases impact your real, daily life

How the Moon Phases Impact Your Real, Daily Life | The Empowered Modern Witches Show by The Witch of Lupine Hollow

In today’s episode, I’m getting into exactly how the moon phases actually impact you personally and how to work with them in your real, daily life.

It’s so important that we not just treat all of the systems and cycles that we use as witches like mere knowledge – facts and trivia to be learned by rote. Rather, the cycles of the seasons and the stars, (the seasons, moon phases and astrology), are sacred, universal rhythms that impact you on a deep, personal level every day.

Just learning what each of the phases of the moon or each season means is pretty much useless to you – 

But learning what those phases and seasons actually mean to you personally, how they show up in your life, and impact your moods, energy, and magick? Now that’s powerful. 

Today, we’re talking about the four basic phases of the moon and the twelve moon signs. You’ll learn about your natal moon phase and about how the moon sign impacts you every single day! 

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