What Capricorn Season Means for You

Capricorn is the sign of grounded, tangible reality. Capricorn values tradition and getting in touch with our roots. The sun spends about four weeks in Capricorn every year from the Winter Solstice to about January 20.

Capricorn shows us our accomplishments and career ambitions but also how we can heal the divine masculine within ourselves.

To find out what Capricorn means to you, take a look at your chart and find:

1.What house Capricorn appears in (I recommend using the Whole Signs house system)

2. What planets appear in Capricorn, if any

3. What sign and planets appear in the 10th house, which is naturally ruled by Capricorn

4. What house and sign your Midheaven (MC) appears in (in the Whole Signs house system–in most other house systems, the Midheaven will be the cusp of the 10th house)

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