Fire and Ice Renewal Spell for Yule

Depending on where you live in the world, particularly if you reside in the Northern Hemisphere, you may or may not be looking out your window at a mountain of snow right now. 

Here in the wild woods of inland British Columbia, we’ve seen plenty of flakes tumble down already this year and are holding out hope for a white Yule season. 

No matter what Mother Nature has on the agenda weather wise though, most of us have the ability to easily make one of the most commonplace winter sights – ice – right in our own homes.

This month many of us in the Pagan and witchy realm will observe, celebrate and work with the energy and inherent magick of the Winter Solstice. 

This beautiful day is a turning point in the wheel of the year. It is also a day that a great many non-Pagans are appreciative of as well, as it officially marks the point in the calendar when – straight on until Litha in late June – the days grow progressively longer thanks to daily increase in the length that the sun remains visible in the sky during the afternoon and evening hours.

Granted, this might not be overly perceivable to the naked eye for at least a few more weeks (if not months). It is happening nevertheless though, and as hard as it can be to picture the sizzling heat of the sun right now, this wonderful sabbat in the first step on the road that will lead us to that distant point.

Personally, while I adore Yule and celebrate it not only on the Winter Solstice, but for 2 – 3 weeks encompassing the actual sabbat itself, I often find that come the last dregs of the year, I’m seriously spent.

The year has worn on me – just as it has many of us. The good, the rough, the beautiful, the unforgettable, it all took its toll in various ways. 

Now is a time for cleanings, shadow work, acts of serenity, divination focused on the future, mindful self-care, hygge, and renewal. 

Much as January 1st renews our collective annual calendar for another year, so too can we avail of the Yule season as time to recharge our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical batteries. 

One of my favourite, and I’ve personally found, most effective, magickal wintertime methods to do just that is with today’s simple, budget-friendly spell.

This spell can be preformed on Yule itself or at any point around the sabbat that works for you. It can also be carried out for Imbolc or whenever your feel your energy waning during the long winter months. 

Note: If you live somewhere and do not have easy access to a freezer, do not despair, you can either source ice (doing so safely and legally, of course) outdoors, if applicable to your area, or purchase some from a local shop.

Fire and Ice Renewal Spell for Yule

You will need:

  • A freezer (or ice, if sourcing outdoor ice or purchasing store bought ice) safe bowl that holds at least two cups (about 500 ml/1 pint) of water. 

Note: ensure that the bowl you use is not made of a material, such as wood or plastic, that easily burns, as you will be using a candle in this spell.

  • Enough water to fill your chosen bowl at least 2/3rds of the way (but not so much that the water comes right up to the brim of the bowl). 

Note: If you wish, clean and/or charge the water you use before employing it in your magical working.

  • 1 or more white or yellow tealights or small votive candles (removed from its metal casing, if applicable)
  • Small pieces of winter greenery, berries, warm spices such as cinnamon or cloves, pine needles or citrus slices (fresh, dried or candied) of your choice, all optional

To perform this spell:

  • At least four hours (though the time needed will vary depending on both the size of the bowl used and how cold your freezer is) before you wish to preform this spell, fill you bowl about 2/3rd full with water. If you are adding greenery, pine needles, etc, do so now. 
  • Should you be using ice cubes or gathered ice, simply fill the bowl roughly 2/3rds to 3/4th full with ice (and any greenery used) and proceed to the need step. 

This is a very straightforward and uncomplex spell. You are welcome to turn it to a more formal ritual, call quarters, cast a circle, evoke any entities, gods/goddesses, spirt allies, etc that you wish, and do anything else that feels right to the energy and intent of this working, but you may find that these more elaborate steps are not required here. 

  • Personally, I like to either take my bowl of ice and candle(s) outside (wearing weather appropriate clothing, of course) or to do so in natural light while standing beside or in front of a window.

If I can safely do so without damaging/cracking the bowl, I will sometimes remove the frozen dome of ice and use it without the bowl itself being employed beyond this point. 

  • Place the bowl, or ice that you’ve removed from the bowl, on a surface that is able to withstand both the cold (and condensation) and the potential heat generated from the candle. 

If needed, put a placemat, plate, potholder or similar item beneath the bowl to protect the surface that you’re setting it atop. 

  • Before you place the candle in the bowl (or onto the block of ice), take a few minutes to stare intently into the bowl of ice. 
  • While you do so, try to clear your mind as best as possible. As you do so, begin to think about the ways in which you need renewal in your life. 

Is it your energy levels? Your spiritual practises? Your motivation for a goal or project? Your health and wellness habits? Your relationship with someone you care about?

Whatever it is, mindfully concrete on this area. Light the candle and place it in the center of the bowl of ice. 

  • As you light the flame, say the following words or others that feel right to you:

“At Yule, the days begin to grow longer, the sunlight brighter. As these things happen, so too am I renewed in all the ways that I need and want, both known and unknown. 

I ask for the strength of ice, the passion and power of fire, and the support of winter’s mighty energy to aid me in this process. So mote it be.”

  • While remaining in the vicinity to ensure fire safety at all times, allow the candle to burn until it either out entirely or for the melting ice to drip onto it and extinguish it naturally, whichever happens first (this will largely depend on the shape and size of both your bowl and your candle).
  • As it burns, imagine the strength and warmth of its flames recharging you and you instilling renewed energy, drive and determination inside of you on every level that you presently need. 
  • Once the candle is spent, dispose of the melted ice, any greenery (etc) used, and candle (or wick, if that’s all that is left) in an environmentally friendly manner. 

The spell is now complete. Keep your heart, mind and spirit open and receptive to being renewed and use Yule as a catalyst towards feeling and being recharged this holiday season and straight on into 2020. 

May you have a blessed, peaceful and immensely happy Winter Solstice season.

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