What Does Sagittarius Season Mean For You

Sagittarius is the sign of expansion outside of our reality – expansion in every way, from travel to education to spiritual pursuits. The sun spends about four weeks in Sagittarius every year from about November 20 until the Winter Solstice.

In this video, I explain how Sagittarius shows us where we have the greatest potential for expansion in our lives, as well as where we have the most need for healing.

To find out what Sagittarius means to you, take a look at your chart and find:

1. What house Sagittarius appears in (I recommend using the Whole Signs house system)

2. What planets appear in Sagittarius, if any

3. What sign appears in the 9th house, which is naturally ruled by Sagittarius

4. What planets appear in the 9th house, if any

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