What Scorpio Season Means For You

Scorpio Season can affect us all in many different ways. Today I want to dive into the overall energy of Scorpio Season and what is means for you!

What Scorpio Season Means For You

We’re exploring the depths of Scorpio and how this intense sign shows up for you this month in order to discover your inner witch! Your inner witch is the source of your most powerful self and an incredible tool to help you achieve your highest potential, (and your biggest dreams.)

1. Which planets, if any, do you have in Scorpio? At some point during the next month, the sun will be conjunct each of these planets and light up their natural energies.

2. Which house do you have Scorpio in? This realm of life will be activated for you over the next month.

3. Which planets and sign do you have in the 8th House, (the house naturally ruled by Scorpio)? These planets will be activated during this month too.

4. Bonus: See what signs and houses Pluto and the asteroid Lilith show up in for you for even more insight!

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