Fear Busting Cauldron Spell for Samhain

Fear Busting Cauldron Spell for Samhain

Since time immemorial, humans have held a natural, healthy fear of the colder half of the year. Until very recently in the course of our collective history, the icy months were a time of resource scarcity, increased challenges with staying warm and safe, and a sense of uncertainty that the darkness would in fact lift again.

In more recent times, we’ve added to the heightened sense of fear by taking that trepidation to (often) exaggerated extremes, such as haunted houses, horror movies, zombie walks, and myriad other spooky Halloween season happenings. Most folks understand that these things are not genuine dangers in their lives and thus, may have an easier time experiencing them.

Indeed, a bit of good natures fright can be a thrilling blast for many of us. However, not all of the fears we house – be they related to the darker half of the year or otherwise – are nearly as pleasant as watching a procession of spookily costume clad Halloween revelers march through the neighbourhood on All Hallows’ Eve.

Samhain, which many in our Pagan midst view as the witches New Year, is a superb time to actively banish fear from your life.

While fear – much like stress and pain, two things often linked to fear itself – is an important internal response that has helped to keep each of us out trouble many times in our lives, excess amounts of fear about anything is rarely a positive. Experiencing fear, especially prolonged and/or intense fear, can wreak havoc on our psyches, hearts and souls alike – not to mention potentially impact our lives in a vast array of negative ways.

In many cases, in order to dispel (or at least lessen the severity of) a given fear, one must get to the heart of what is causing this emotion to manifest in our life. For the purpose of this spell, I’m going to assume that you are aware of what is causing your fear(s) and that you’re in a positive enough place on the mental health front to engage in a spell that requires you to confront that fear, so as to bade it farewell from your life.

If you are not presently in such a place, you may wish to use the Samhain season as a time for in-depth shadow work to help you in your journey of personal healing, ideally, ultimately fear release.

For this spell, you will need the following items:

  • A small image or other item that represents your fear in some way. You will be disposing of this item, so please do not select something that you do not wish to part with for good. If you do not have or cannot think of a suitable item, use a small unlit candle or a crystal/stone in a colour that most attunes to the fear you’re presently focusing on.
  • A small to medium sized cauldron or other similar container (unlike with many cauldron spells, we won’t be burning anything here, so it is not imperative that the cauldron be fire-safe)
  • Black sand (if you cannot find any black sand, regular sand or black salt could be used instead); enough to fully submerge the image or personal small item that you selected for this spell

A small shovel, garden spade, kitchen ladle, or other scooping device (a simple measuring cup works a-okay here, no worries)

This spell is designed to help you metaphorically kill and bury your personal fear. I would suggest focusing on one fear per spell, repeating the steps below multiple times (with fresh items and sand each time), if you wish to preform it for more than one of your fears.

I love to include this spell as part of the magickal activities I perform on Samhain. If you’re able to perform it on October 31 st , too, that’s awesome, but not strictly necessary. You can carry out this spell in the days leading up to Samhain, in early November, or anytime else that feels right to you during the energy charged days of mid-autumn.

Before you begin this spell, determine a quiet, peaceful place either indoors or outdoors in which you will perform your working. I like to tap into the darkness of Samhain and harness some of its intense, enveloping power for use in this spell, so generally perform it in either the early morning or evening hours. If that is not possible for, it can easily be carried out in a dimly lit room with the blinds or curtains drawn and just enough light
(candlelight works great here) to safely see what you’re doing.

Start by creating the spell working space and conditions that are in keeping with your personal practice. You can certainly cast a circle, call the quarters, evoke deity and/or other spirit allies, the Elements, your ancestors or any other entity or force that you desire, but doing so is not a requirement for this spell.

On a flat surface, such as your altar, a table, desk, tree trunk or the ground (if you’re working outdoors), place the cauldron and while it is still empty, stair into it for at least a few minutes.

Similar in some ways to scrying with a black mirror or other dark surface, we want to intentionally focus and channel our thoughts for a specific purpose. In this case, that purpose is thinking about and ultimately helping to “bust” or banish our fear.

Concentrate on your fear. Let your body fully experience the waves of emotion and thought that may accompany doing so. It is normal if your heartbeat increases, you get goosebumps, feel butterflies in your stomach or other similar reactions to fear. If, however, things begin to escalate and you feel highly uncomfortable, unwell, or like a panic attack may happen, please cease this spell at once (you can always try it again another day, if you’d like) and take measures to safely calm yourself down again.

Think about as many aspects of your fear and how it is impacting your life as possible. Envision what your life would look, feel and be like without that fear in it. What would you do that you’ve not been able to because of your fear? Would you become more confident? More like your true self? Would you deepen in your spiritual journey?

Now, channel all of the negativity associated with your fear into the image or small item that you’ve selected to represent that fear. If you want or need to cry, do so. Tears are a form of both banishment and healing unto themselves.

Now, pour a bit of the black sand or salt into the cauldron so that there’s a base layer for you to put your image or item upon.

As you place your image or item inside the cauldron, say aloud or intently in your mind, the following words (or others that feel right to you personally):
“This fear of [say your specific fear] has held me back long enough. Today I say “no more!” and lay it to rest once and for all.”

Put your image or item atop of the base layer of black sand and then scope enough sand (or salt) so that the whole image or item is submerged.
You are burying your fear. Let it die out and leave your body, your life, your future.

Once you’ve fully submerged the image or item, say the following line:
“What once was, is no more. Buried and gone, my fear will neither harm nor control me any longer.”

Close and release any magickal spheres and/or spiritual helpers that you involved in your working. Safely dispose of the black sand and the image or small item. If you’re able to bury these materials outside, all the better, as that will only further strength the fact that you’ve buried your fear for good.

Meeting our fears head on is not easy, but the rewards can be incredible. Doing so can take a lot out of us, though, so you may wish to eat a small, nourishing snack after performing this spell, to help further ground and calm your body after meeting your fear head on.

Into the magickal darkness of fall time you send your fear, releasing it from your life, and making a promise to yourself that you will work to keep on being stronger than that which made you feel afraid in the first place.

May this Samhain be a time of strength, positive change, and fewer unwanted fears for each of us.

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