What Libra Season Means for You

The Sun moved into Libra a few days ago – so what does that mean for you?!

Libra Season

We’re exploring what Libra Season means for you and how Libra shows up in your own chart!

Libra is the season of balance as it coincides with the Autumn Equinox, when day and night are equal and balanced. It’s also ruled by Venus and naturally rules the 7th house, which explore how you relate to others.

Explore these questions in your own chart:

1. Which planets, if any, do you have in Libra? At some point during the next month, the sun will be conjunct each of these planets and light up their natural energies.

2. Which house do you have Libra in? This realm of life will be activated for you over the next month.

3. Which planets and sign do you have in the 7th House, (the house naturally ruled by Libra)? These planets will be activated during this month too.

4. Bonus: What sign and house do you have Venus in?

Click here to do your natal chart.

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