Apple Magick Banishing Spell for Mabon

Perhaps it is because autumn is my very favourite season, maybe it’s because I see the return of this chapter of the year as a personal new years of sorts, or it might have a lot to do with the fact that there’s been no shortage of things I would have vastly preferred not have experienced since the previous autumn began. Whatever the case – and I know in my heart of hearts, it’s a mix of all those things – I’ve got banishing on the brain at the moment.

While the days technically began to grow shorter back at the Summer Solstice (Litha), Mabon is – in the Western Hemisphere – generally seen as the annual marker that leads us into the waning half of the year. This means that the little by little, the days grow darker and colder, as a heavier energy returns to the world. This energy and the cloak of darkness that autumn brings us makes Mabon an ideal time to engage in banishing work, rituals, spells and related activities of all sorts. 

Chances are, by this point in the year, most of us don’t have to think too long or hard to come up with at least a few things that we’d love to rid our lives of for good. 

I cannot promise you that the following spell – or any spell, for that matter – has the ability to singlehandedly do just that, but as summer sighs its last and melds into the early days of fall, now is a natural and wonderful time to focus on thing that we wish to remove from our lives in a safe, magickally guided way. 

Before we dive headfirst into the spell itself, let’s take a moment to access what it is we may want to banish from our lives.

First and foremost, before we can attempt to kick something to curb and far away from our existence, we need to be frank and acknowledge those things, habits, individuals, stressors, problems, and other issues that we are willing to actively work towards removing (or, at the very least, reducing the severity/intensity) of in our world.  

Right now, take a moment to create a mental or written list of at least three things that you’d like to banish from your life. What about five things or ten? How about twenty? Toss as many as you can out there, then be brutally honest with yourself and select the ones that presently topping your personal list. 

While I generally prefer to preform a separate working/spell for each issue that I wish to banish, you can perform this spell for two or more different things that you’re hoping to rid yourself of simultaneously. 

In order to perform this spell, the following items are suggested:

-1 good sized ripe apple (any kind)

-A length of biodegradable material that is at least a few inches longer than the circumference of the apple (natural jute, unbleached cotton twine, flexible grass or vines, a narrow length of paper, etc)

-1 small piece of paper for each point that you want to banish

-Black pen, marker, or pencil crayon

-A knife (ceremonial or from your kitchen, as you personally prefer)

-Cutting board, butcher’s block, plate or other surface that will not be damaged by having fruit sliced on it

Begin by setting up for a magickal working in the way(s) that feel best and most natural to you. This can mean casting a formal circle, calling the quarters, evoking the support of deity/the elements/spirit guides/ancestors/etc, working at your (indoor or outdoor) altar, simply working in a quiet, spiritually cleansed space, or whatever your heart prefers. 

In a calm, ideally quite location, sit or stand and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Ground and center yourself, shifting as many unrelated thoughts from your mind as possible. You may wish to play some soothing/relaxing music or perhaps listen to some lovely natural sounds (a crackling wood fire or wind rustling through the leaves would be especially fitting for autumn time) to help you unwind all the more.

When you’re ready, focus once more on what it is that you wish to banish. Allow your emotions and thoughts about this area of your life to come to the surface and manifest themselves as fully as possible. If you want or need to cry, please do so. If it feels natural to speak or yell (assuming doing so won’t trouble others or risk having the police called on – that would certainly put quite the damper on your day and your magickal workings!), sing, whisper or otherwise verbally communicate anything and everything that you want to get out of your system regarding the area(s) that you wish to banish. 

Engage in, and experience, this process for as long as you need. Do not be afraid to banish the associated stress and emotions of your key problem(s) as part of this releasing spellwork. When you feel that you have thought/said everything that you need to in order to own, address, and face what is that you’re banishing, take the writing utensil of your choice and jot down a concise description of that/those issues(s) on one piece of paper per focal issue.

Next, take the knife in both hands and with the blade pointing downwards, 

bring it in front of (but not directly against) your chest. As you do, speak the following words (or others in the same general vein that feel right to you):

“As the light wanes and the air chills, I hereby declare that I am banishing [say what it is that you’re banishing here] from my life. It no longer serves me. I am done with having it weigh on my soul. I will start this season with this problem leaving my life. I am lighter, I am freer, and I am more complete without it.”

Use the knife to cut the apple in half. Place the piece(s) of paper that you wrote on a few moments ago inside of the apple. Sandwich the two halves of the apple over the paper (if needed, remove some of the inner core and seeds of the apple to make room for the paper), and tie the apple up so the it resembles an uncut piece of fruit once more, with the natural material of your choice.

If you wish, you could certainly utilize knot magick here, or you can simply tie the cord/paper and continue on directly. 

Next, take the apple outside and burry it in a safe area (if you cast a circle, called quarter, evoked any helping beings or gods/goddesses, etc, close these aspects of your working first before proceeding outdoors). 

As you place it into the ground, further restate in your mind or aloud what it is that you’re banishing and that burying this apple, you are laying to rest that problem in your life. 

Return indoors or stay outside and savour the loveliness of the changing seasons. Let the light, lingering warmth and incredible loveliness of autumn’s beginning fill your heart and soul with positivity.

Remember, that you may still need to take further steps to banish the issue(s) that you just performed the spell on from your life. However, now you’re all the more prepared and, hopefully, in a better/clearer headspace to do so. You’ve made your intentions to rid this/these issue(s) from your life and will continue to do what is in necessary to help make that happen. 

While it is especially wonderful to perform this working on Mabon itself, you can just as easily and effectively do so at any point in the harvest season. And should you be able to do it beneath the light of the harvest moon, hunter moon, or any time the moon is waning during the fall months, all the better. Mabon comes but once a year, utilize its strength, energy and beauty to help you set fresh intentions, cement goals, cleanse your life and home, work with the thinning veil, and of course, engage in banishing work, too! 😊

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