A Journey to Spiritual Fulfillment

Today I’m doing something a little different. For this post I am going to share with you an interview I had with Autumn Zenith about her journey to finding spiritual fulfillment. Autumn is a wonderful, lovely soul who lives in Canada and loves Samhain and vintage fashion and has been a contributor to The Witch of Lupine Hollow for almost a year. She’s regularly shares her travels and her advice on finding spiritual connections in the places she visits. Today she’s sharing her personal spiritual practice and how she finds her own spiritual fulfillment, so let’s get to it!


What do you think makes someone a witch?

Excellent question! I personally feel that this is up to each individual (magickal) practitioner to define and establish for themselves. To my mind, while there may be certain attributes, acts, beliefs, practises, ethics, passions, etc that are widespread across the broad witch/Wiccan/Pagan community, each of us is wonderfully, inspiringly different, too, and it is within both our shared similarities and differences that the roots of being a witch are often to be found.


Describe your daily spiritual practice. What are your go-to spiritual tools and rituals?

My days are – to paraphrase the Beetlejuice character, Lydia – strange and unusual in a lot of ways. They house certain standard, repeating elements, of course, as most everyone’s does, by for numerous reasons, their makeup tends to vary quite a bit. One prominent and substantial reason for this is that I’m a multi-chronic illness warrior and my health often fluctuates a lot from day-to-day (or even hour-to-hour). 

In part because of that, I generally don’t tie myself to rigid schedules or specific mandatory spiritually centered activities. I try to mindfully include spiritually related acts into each of my days in all sorts of fulfilling ways. I find that both intention and correspondences are two areas that come naturally to me and which I can easily weave into different parts of my life. Examples of this in action are many and diverse, spanning everything from kitchen witchery to art magick, using showering and bathing as part of my spiritual practise to mindfully selecting the colours,

fabrics and/or metals of the clothing and jewelry I put on daily. 

Whenever possible, I try to engage in spiritually focused time spent outdoors (including beneath the moon as it moves through its beautiful monthly journey). We’re very fortunate to have a swath of woodland in our own (literal) backyard, and given that I am frequently unable, due to my health, to venture further afield than our property, this is a Goddess-send to the nth degree for me. 

I also spend time frequently at my altars, reading about witchery/Paganism/spiritually focused topics and others that relate in one capacity or another to them, engaging in creativity magick (which for me personally, includes such things as writing, paper crafting, and stitchery), working with crystals/stones, and doing spellwork, ancestor work, tarot and oracle card work, meditation and acts of spiritually focused self-care.


Did you ever find yourself searching for spiritual fulfillment outside of yourself? What was that journey like?

Interestingly, thus far in my life, the time when I most activity looked beyond my own self for spiritual answers and understanding happened during my childhood. For all intents and purposes, I was not raised in an actively religious household, yet I was acutely aware that I was a spiritual being who felt, knew and longed to know much more about this vital component (spirituality) of the human experience. 

As such, around the time that I was in 5th or 6th grade, I began intensely studying every book I could get my hands on pertaining to religion, faith, spirituality, mortality, philosophy, and related topics from both my school library and (much more so) from my town’s public library. I learned a great deal, expanded my thinking immensely, and further set into motion a lifelong thirst for spiritually related knowledge.

Though I felt – and still feel in some ways – a profound connection to Judaism (which I firmly believe stems from a recent past life that I experienced) – it was amongst my early years of religious study that I became far more acquainted with contemporary Paganism/witchcraft and instantaneously knew that what was being described in the books (on it) that I was reading echoed what I had felt in my heart, soul, and mind for as long as I could recall. 

I self-initiated myself as a witch, began to both actively practise and more formally/purposely study witchcraft and Paganism in my mid-teens, and have, joyfully, done so ever since. There’s no doubt in my mind that I was born into this current body and lifetime to be a witch. To me, it is as much a part of myself as my fingerprints, eye colour, or the sound of my voice.


What do you find most fulfilling about your spiritual path?

The sense of wholeness, joy, wonder, increased self-esteem and confidence (two things I’ve wrestled with my whole life), inspiration, heightened awareness, creativity, abundance of blessings, knowledge, deeper understanding/appreciation and greater connection with the earth and all who inhabit it. 

Being a witch is both a humbling and fantastically empowering act. It helps us to see and better understand our shortcomings and areas that may need improvement/work as well as our

innate talents, skills, abilities (magickal and more “mundane” alike), strengths, and gifts. 

I cherish the fact that there is a boundless amount of information to learn, spiritual experiences to have, ways to enrich my own lives and those of others (animals and plants very much included), and a deeper connection with the cosmos that comes with being a Pagan witch. I’m also an immense fan of honouring, celebrating and working with the Wheel of the Year, so I find that engaging with each of the eight annual sabbats is profoundly fulfilling for me.


What is the definition of spiritual fulfillment to you?

Feeling, and being, true and honest with oneself. Standing taller, not shirking away from experiences, because of what I believe, what I do, how I live my life, and what I identify as. Experiencing life with a richer and more vivid sense of awe and understanding, all the while being aware – and loving the fact – that there is an endless expanse of things to continue to learn, understand, and appreciate. 

Being spiritually fulfilled is an inalienable right, in my books. 

Each of us should, and deserves to have, our spiritual needs anddesires met and to exist in such a way that our spirituality elevates our existence, instead of holding it down or back. 

Spiritual fulfillment is not a one size fits all equation, nor is it necessarily easy to reach, but I find (and have long experienced) that more attuned you live your life in respect to your spiritual path, the greater – and more readily – a sense of deeply rooted fulfillment becomes. 

Thank you very much for the beautiful opportunity to take part in this interview, T.C.. I am honoured and moved that you wanted to chat about these meaningful topics.

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