3 Steps to Finding Spiritual Fulfillment from Within

Gaining confidence in yourself as a witch is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself on your spiritual path. Reading all the witchy books and blogs you can get your hands on can be inspiring but it’s only going to get you so far. If you’re lacking confidence in your path, in whether it’s the right path for you, whether your practice and altar look like they are “supposed” to or whether you’re “doing it right”, then all of the outside sources of inspiration are probably just leading you to a place of overwhelm and paralysis. If that’s how you’re feeling, then I encourage you to stop looking outside of yourself for fulfillment and start stepping into your confident, powerful self instead. That might sound like its easier said than done but I’m sharing three steps to get you there today!

Learn to trust your intuition so you can start creating your reality with confidence

When you can trust that your intuition will guide you in the right direction, you know that you’re always on the path that’s right for you. Your intuition will become a tool that you can check every element of your practice against to be certain whether it’s in alignment for you. Trusting your intuition is a process, just as finding trust in any relationship is, but a few ways you can work on 

this are through techniques like dream journaling, daily tarot card draws and simply asking yourself about each aspect of your practice: does this feel in alignment? See what kinds of answers you receive from your mind, body and heart and then here’s the important part: start implementing those answers into your life in a real, tangible way.


Look to astrology to really get an intimate understanding of your spiritual needs

Our personal astrology is such a powerful place to look for insight and inspiration. Our spiritual selves show up in a variety of areas of our chart, including our sun, moon and rising signs, Neptune and Pluto.

You can also look at the ninth and twelfth houses and any planets that appear in Sagittarius or Pisces, which are deeply intuitive and spiritual signs.

Confidently own your spiritual path and state the path that you are on

In this post, I talk about how to know if you’re a witch and the fact that the only thing you need to do to BE a witch is state that you ARE a witch. No one and nothing outside of yourself determines whether or not you are a witch and the same goes for all spiritual paths and any aspect of your spiritual practice. Ask your intuition what’s right for you, then simply state, (even only to yourself),

 what it is that you find fulfilling and so shall it be. When you’re feeling and projecting confidence from your spiritual practice, it’s going to come back to you threefold and you won’t have to worry anymore about whether you’re “doing it right”. You’re always doing it right because only you know what “right” means in your own practice – it’s just about finding the confidence to believe that and to say it.

Does your current spiritual path feel fulfilling? Have you been asking your intuition if your practices are right for you? What kinds of intuitive downloads have you received around this?

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