3 Steps to Narrow Down Your Spiritual Interests

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all the many spiritual and metaphysical tools, systems, traditions and ideas out there. Especially when you are just getting started on your spiritual path as a modern witch, you may be drawn to a wide variety of things. At first, you’re over-the-moon excited to get started and to learn all the things. But if you’ve quickly become overwhelmed and waterlogged with too many options, I recommend trying to narrow down your spiritual interests to just a few. That doesn’t mean you can’t be interested in the infinite possibilities but our conscious human minds can only process so much information at once. I think it’s about eight or nine thoughts at one time maximum (but don’t quote me on that!) By narrowing down your focus and honing in on the topics that interest you the most, (at least for right now), you give yourself the spaciousness needed to really feel into each of them and avoid overwhelm and burnout. It’s entirely possible that after doing the research, playing with a particular tool or idea for a while or intuitively feeling into a topic that you will decide it isn’t for you after all. And that’s perfectly okay! You can always evolve and move onto new things, but after a clear focus for the present will help you to discover and develop a spiritual practice that is truly unique to you.

Brain Dump

The first step is just to write down all of the topics you think you might be interested in. Just really allow yourself to brain dump here. Brainstorm all the different spiritual traditions that have called to you,

all the ritual tools you want to try using, all the intuitive techniques that have seemed interesting to you, all the gods and goddesses you feel might be calling you to work with them, etc..

Categorize by Type

Then, start to sort all the topics you’ve written down into these five categories:

I’ve included suggested topics here that could be included in these categories to get you started.

Mind (anything which has to do with the mental space or senses): Journaling, dreams, meditation, chanting, aromatherapy, sound healing, creating art or coloring

Body (anything which has to do with the physical body or senses): Yoga, massage, tantra, sex magick, fitness, ritual bathing, 

cooking and eating foods, menstrual cycle/red tent practices

Nature (anything in which you connect with nature): Herbalism, gardening, hiking, safely working with journeying herbs, wildcrafting, seasonal living

Divination (any intuitive practices): Tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, pendulums, dowsing, scrying or crystal gazing, tasseography, bibliomancy

Devotion (any beings or ideas you feel devoted to): Deities, entities such as faeries or elementals, ancestor worship or ancestral practices, causes or politics, sharing your practice with your loved ones

Narrow It Down

Now, take a look at your cleaned up list. Are there any areas where you are especially heavy? Any areas where you have very few or no items listed?

Ask yourself why. A balanced spiritual practice has essentially all of these parts, but that manifests in very different ways for every person.

If there are one or more categories that you don’t have any items in or you feel you don’t understand, I encourage you to do further research or to reach out to me directly with questions. A lot of times the topics we think we won’t be interested in are those that become most deeply ingrained in our practices. It’s sort of like how they say that the workouts we resist or dread the most or those that our bodies need the most. That’s not to say that you should force it if something doesn’t speak to you, just to explore a little bit outside the box of your comfort zone.

Then, start underlining or highlighting the items that you feel most drawn to. Some of these may be a strong part of your current spiritual practice or the ideas that originally drew you to this path. Others you may have only recently learned about or have only heard of peripherally. 

Follow your intuition, even if you aren’t sure why you’re interested in something.

Try to get it down to a list of just five things: one in each category listed above. (Or, if you are particularly interested in one area, maybe give yourself two items in one category for a total of six!)

This is the method I use for developing a daily spiritual practice: identifying the Six Pillars of Your Spiritual Practice, which consist of each of these five categories plus a sixth “bonus” pillar of your choosing. This helps you to create a balanced daily expression of your spirituality.

If you are just getting started on your spiritual journey as a witch, I wouldn’t worry too much about creating the perfect daily practice, just follow your heart and intuition. But having this list of five or six practices to really dive head first into and explore will give you a distraction-free mental space to begin discovering your inner witch.

And of course, as your practice grows and evolves, feel free to allow the Six Pillars of Your Spiritual Practice to evolve as well!

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