6 Ways to Explore Your Spiritual Path through Travel

Travel can be an incredibly transformative experience. Journeying to other places, immersing yourself in other cultures and seeing new landscapes can lead you to wonderful enlightenment and inner peace. Whether you are just getting started on your spiritual journey or are looking to deepen your understanding of yourself and your spiritual path, spiritual travel can be a great next step.

This is a really beautiful way to explore your spiritual path, get to know yourself a bit better and start to really dig into the juicy work of your spirituality. Here are six ways to start exploring your path and spiritual identity through travel:

Retreat. Whether it’s a one-night stay at a local hotel with your crystals and journals in toe or a week-long tropical yoga retreat, going on a retreat is an excellent way to connect with your intuition and turn off the noise of your busy life so that you can get tapped in.

Pilgrimage. A pilgrimage is a trip to a particular, sacred destination. Sites like the Glastonbury Well or the city of Mecca are good examples. You could choose a famous site like this or travel somewhere that has spiritual significance only for you.

Explore Your Heritage. Travel somewhere that has ties to your own cultural heritage. Experiencing the landscape, climate and culture of your ancestors can be a deeply moving experience and might show you aspects of your practice that you hadn’t previously been conscious of.

Experience Natural Beauty. Perhaps the most spiritual experience is that of connecting with nature. Go camping or backpacking to really immerse yourself or simply travel to an area where the landscape truly speaks to your soul. Spend as much time as you can on the trip getting out in nature and reconnecting.

Connect with the Magick. Travel somewhere with a uniquely witchy or haunted past, such as Salem, MA, Savannah, GA or Edinburgh, Scotland.

Find Wellness. Go on a fitness or health retreat or a spa vacation to connect with the spirit of self-care and wellness. Wellness travel is a huge trend right now and for good reason: taking care of our wellbeing is exactly the reason many of us need to get away and find rest and relaxation on vacation.

In all of these instances, I recommend you bring at least a journal and pen to record your experiences as you travel and to record the intuitive downloads you receive about your spiritual path. You don’t need to try and make sense of them while you are abroad, but having them in writing to decipher later and feel into will make for even more powerful messages.

Is travel part of your spiritual practice? What have you discovered about yourself and about your spiritual path while traveling?

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