3 Steps to a Spiritual Skincare Routine

The key to manifesting the magickal life that you want is to integrate your magickal and mundane realities. When your spiritual practice exists in a totally separate sphere from your mundane, day-to-day tasks, it can create a real imbalance between the two and making it difficult to manifest the life you want.

The easiest way to begin integrating your magickal and mundane lives is to take a look at the activities you are already doing in your daily routines and ask yourself if any of them could be spiritual. There are probably little rituals you do every day without paying them any attention, but if you did those things with intention and used them as a tool in your spiritual practice, they could become a powerful and supportive method of integration.

Your skincare routine is a great example of this. It’s already an act of self-care and something you probably strive to do on a daily basis. In this video, I will be demonstrating three steps to creating a spiritual skincare routine that supports your mind, body and spirit.

The three steps I discuss in the video are:

  1. Purification
  2. Crystal Rolling
  3. Moisturizing

You are likely already doing steps one and three, while step two introducing a more specifically esoteric element to the ritual. This is the kind of ritual you could easily do right before bed either as a standalone activity or in combination with a journaling or meditation practice.

These simple rituals that combine the magickal and mundane into one are an excellent way to start incorporating your spirituality into your daily life.

Do you have a spiritual skincare routine?

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