Disneyland for Witches Magical Travel Guide

Disneyland is supposed to be the happiest place on Earth, and perhaps the most magical place too. It’s where dreams come true and magic moments happen. Regardless of whether you believe in Disney magic or find that Disney’s portrayal of witches leaves a little to be desired, you may find that the Magic Kingdom comes with a little more “magick” than you might have realized.

Personally, I love Disneyland

It’s a significant drive from where I live up in Northern California but it’s well worth a trip every few years. My favorite time to visit is during Dapper Day, a stylish gathering of Disney fans dressed in vintage and retro outfits, mostly spending the day posing in the Disney aesthetic and taking pictures with characters. You can easily put a witchy spin on your Dapper Day outfit, especially at the fall/Halloween “outing”, a rare treat since guest costumes aren’t allowed in the park in order to maintain the integrity of the characters.

There’s just an inherent element of fantasy to Disneyland, so whether you’re strolling through New Orleans Square, enjoying a cool, refreshing Dole Whip or scouting for crystals in Adventureland, there’s always some magic to be found.

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What to See

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle: The classic image of Disneyland, this walk-through attraction is worth checking out for the magical special effects and spooky vibe.

Pixie Hollow Lagoon: If you’re a fan of Tinkerbell, like I am, (I played Tink in the 4th grade school play!), or just fairies in general, waiting in the often absurdly long line for Pixie Hollow is actually totally worth it.As you slowly wind your way into the lagoon to meet Tinkerbell, the plants and flowers get larger and larger as though you’re shrinking down to fairy size!


New Orleans Square: My personal favorite “land” in the park, New Orleans Square is loaded with magical experiences including sightings of Dr. Facilier, the mysterious villain from The Princess and the Frog who can communicate with his “friends from the other side”.

Tarzan’s Treehouse: Formerly the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, this walk-through is actually a peaceful treasure trove of plants and bubbling streams, perfect for getting away from the bustling crowds for a few minutes and getting back to “nature”, even in the middle of Anaheim.


What to Ride

Peter Pan’s Flight: This one is old-school and I might be a little biased because I once had a Disney employee kind of sneak me to the front of the line so I have some pretty magical memories of this ride. But regardless of the ride’s age or my personal biases, this one is also worth waiting for. Though low-tech, flying above London in a pirate ship with the manufactured breeze in your hair is an experience everyone should have, I think.

The Haunted Mansion: An obvious choice, every witch visiting Disneyland pretty much has to commune with the spirits over at the Haunted Mansion.

King Arthur’s Carousel: Again, an old-school, Fantasyland choice, but I think you can’t really beat riding a white stallion off into the sunset to Camelot (even if it’s only going around in a circle!)

Where to Eat

Blue Bayou Restaurant: The misty and mysterious restaurant tucked away in the center of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the food at Blue Bayou actually is as good as the atmosphere.


Carthay Circle: One of the “fanciest” restaurants in Disneyland (or actually California Adventure), Carthay Circle is an excellent stop for a cocktail and an evening to indulge your inner retro Bell, Book and Candle.

Where to Shop

Adventureland Bazaar: If you’re looking to pick up a few crystals to remember your magical stay in Disneyland, this little shop across from the Indiana Jones Adventure ride has some great options.

Pieces of Eight: The official Pirates of the Caribbean boutique has great pirate-themed clothes and gift items, often including

swords and daggers and other items that would be great altar decorations.

Le Bat en Rouge: All of the shops in New Orleans Square are worth a visit, but I especially like this one for its excellent, stylish clothing and masquerade-style boutique.

Are you a Disney magic fan? If so, where are your favorite witchy spots to visit in the park?

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