20 Ways to Integrate Your Spiritual Practice into Daily Life

I find that one of the most powerful ways to embody your inner witch is by integrating magick into your “mundane” reality. When you’re not living in alignment with the magickal side of yourself, when you allow the mundane tasks to take over your life, it can be almost impossible to see past those aspects of yourself.

It’s not that you need to be thinking about your spiritual practice or beliefs 24/7 – not at all. It’s actually important to have a healthy balance of magickal and mundane activities and obligations. Integrating the magickal and the mundane is more about creating space for your spirituality within your daily life. It’s about allowing yourself to feel connected to your spirituality in even the most mundane of moments and to see the beauty in those moments.

To get you started thinking about how this could look for you, here are 20 ways to integrate your magickal practice into every aspect of your daily life!

Say a small prayer or do a short meditation before you even get out of bed in the morning.

Start using an organic, herbal toothpaste and focus on speaking honestly and kindly throughout your day as you’re brushing your teeth.

Cast a glamour spell by putting on your makeup with intention.

Light a candle while you get ready for the day and start your day off with a motivational connection to the element of fire.

Set up a mini altar on your vanity and/or on the bathroom counter so that you can tap into your spirituality even while doing mundane, hygienic tasks.

Stir your first cup of coffee or tea widdershins (counterclockwise) to banish negativity and bad luck from your day.

Listen to spiritual and personal development podcasts on your commute to work. (One of my personal favorites is Way of the Wealthy Witch.)

Keep a piece of obsidian on your desk at work and whenever you feel stressed or frustrated with a coworker, just pick it up, hold it in your hands and take a deep, cleansing breath to let it all go.

Write an affirmation for the day at the top of the page in your planner when you first get to work or start your work day.

Bring a book or even a magazine (such as a yoga journal), about a spiritual topic to work with you to read on your lunch break and really disconnect from the work mindset.

Another great thing to do on your lunch break is to go for a walk outside, get some exercise, take the time to notice the breeze on your face and connect with the element of air.

When you start to feel tense at work, take a few minutes to do some 

“chair yoga” and move through poses such as seated cat-cow.

Set up a mini altar in your desk drawer at work. Just clear a small space for a few crystals, a tarot or oracle card that is meaningful to you and maybe a tiny statue of your deity, if you work with one. Every time you open the drawer, you will be reminded of your connection to spirit or the divine.

Give thanks to the element of water while you are washing your hands or doing the dishes.

If you have edible plants growing in your garden or potted, try to cut some every day to use in your meals. Consuming foods you have grown yourself is such a powerful way to connect with the element of earth.

Take the time to sit down at the table, whether alone or with your loved ones, and eat dinner with your phone off. You might also say a prayer of thanks to your deity, ancestors or the universe before eating.

Take a shower in the evening and wash away the stresses and any negativity you experienced during the day. You might also make this something of a ritual by lighting candles, hanging fresh herbs in the shower and lighting incense.

Use facial cleanser to purify not just your skin, but also your mind and spirit.

Keep a roller ball of lavender essential oil by your bed and roll some onto your wrists every night before going to sleep.

At the end of the day, write down a list of everything you are grateful for in that moment and especially things you are grateful for that happened during the day.

For even more ideas, check out my epic roundup of 100 Ways to Live a Magickal Life Every Day! How are you starting to integrate your magickal and mundane lives?

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