5 On-the-Go Mini Rituals for Traveling

Vacation and travel are some of the top reasons many of us fall off the spiritual bandwagon with our daily spiritual practices. No matter how much fun you’re having or how many intuitive, spiritual experiences you’re having, being off your routine can be detrimental to your daily practice.

But the answer isn’t just to stay home all the time, of course – you should be out there living your life! That’s why mini rituals you can do while on-the-go are ideal for keeping in touch with your spirituality and in tune with your intuition while you explore the world.

These mini rituals are designed to require little or no tools, (just your mind, body and/or nature), and each take less than 5 minutes so you can get back to wanderlusting – with a bit more connection to your higher self.

Seek out natural places in your travels and make the time for 5 minutes alone, whether sitting on a park bench or meditating in the wilderness. Connecting with nature in a new place can be really powerful.

If you have a little space in your hotel room (or hostel or AirBnB), try to move through a simple yoga sequence such as sun or moon salutations. This is a great way to stretch out your muscles after difficult travels and to reconnect with your tired body.

A few tumbled crystals are a nice easy way to bring a few tools along with you on your travels. Tuck them into your personal item on the plane and pull them out whenever you need some grounding.

An easy way to connect with your intuition when you don’t have any divination tools at hand is to just look deep within yourself.

This is what divination tools guide us towards but we always have the power and the insight within us. You can do this by sitting on your bed or in nature (or even on the airplane) – close your eyes, take a deep cleansing breath and just ask your higher self for guidance.

Bring along an essential oil roller ball such as lavender in your travel liquids bag and apply to your wrists, sternum or forehead before going to sleep or getting on an airplane. This is a great way to relax and connect to your intuition even when in a strange place.

How do you maintain your daily spiritual practice while traveling? Follow me on TripAdvisor for more witchy travel ideas!

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