Ostara Candle Spell for Clarity and Renewal

Candle magick is amongst my most favourite and frequently performed type of spellwork. I also find it to be some of the most effective. In addition, from a pragmatic standpoint, it generally costs relatively little (especially if you already have the supplies needed to hand).

While it might seem a bit counterintuitive to reach for candles – an age-old source of light – just as the days are beginning to get brighter again, candle magick can certainly be performed all year round. In this instance, the tiny flames atop each candle only help to serve as a further reminder of this beautiful season and the sizzling heat that will soon shine down on us once more.


For many of us, winter is a long, dark, sometimes challenging season. It can, and does, have many positive sides, too, but by the time it finally wraps up, winter can leave us feeling as though we’ve just been through the wringer and then some!

Our minds, bodies and souls alike may feel sluggish, tired, and as though our mojo hopped on the first bus out of town weeks ago.

The spring equinox spell laid out in today’s post is wonderfully simple, requiring relatively little time, but housing the potential to really be of benefit to you and your life as we embrace spring’s return.

Gather the following items (I’m partial to small chime candles or beeswax-based votive type candles for this spell personally, but you can use whatever unscented candles you wish).

  • 1 white candle
  • 1 yellow candle
  • 1 green candle
  • Appropriate holders for each of the candles
  • Floral or other springtime related essential oil of your choice (optional)
  • A pinch of fresh or dried thyme leaves (optional)

Additionally, if you’d like, you can perform this spell on your Ostara/springtime altar or introduce other meaningful symbols of the season into the environment where you’ll be conducting your magical working.

As this spell is about banishing the proverbial cobwebs from our inner selves, lightening our spirits and inviting fresh joy into our lives, I highly recommend that you take a cleansing (purifying) bath or shower shortly prior to performing your spellwork. You may wish to engage in meditation or another relaxing practice beforehand, too.


As well, consider dressing yourself in one or more of the same colours of the candles we’ll be using here. The reinforcement of the colour correspondences only helps to heighten the impact of this working.

In a quiet, ideally sunlit (though, given the rainy nature of early spring, this isn’t always feasible!) space, enact whatever steps you personally prefer to do when beginning a spell. If you like to cast circles using a wand, consider employing a seasonal branch or sturdy flower to use here instead for a lovely springtime twist on the act.

Align yourself so that you are facing the east. This is the direction that is traditionally associated with the spring equinox.

So long as it is a skin safe variety (use a carrier oil, if needed), anoint the backs of each of your hands (or the insides of your wrists, as you prefer) with a tiny bit of the essential oil. Allow it to sink into the skin, breathing deeply and savouring the lovely scent of the oil.

If using these items, you may wish to rub a small amount of essential oil (or, if you prefer, a candle-safe carrier oil) onto each candle. Then tenderly rub some of the thyme leaves into the oil so that it helps to adhere them to the candles.

Thyme has many wonderful everyday, culinary and magickal properties alike. In this instance, we are using it primarily to represent the fresh greenery and first new garden crops of the season, as well for its longstanding connection to courage – something most of us happily welcome more of as we get ready to hand off one season for the next.

Begin Your Ritual

On a suitable surface (ideally facing east, but if this isn’t possible, no worries, you yourself can still point east once the candles have been lit), align the candles from left to right in this order: white, yellow, green.

Light the white candle. Take several deep, relaxing breaths in and out, clearing your mind and elevating your personal energy field in the process. When you feel that your mind is suitably open, begin to think back on the winter that you’ve just experienced.

What was good about it, what was negative, what did you accomplish, what do you wish could have happened? Did anything impact you in a highly negative or positive way? What are you most eager to move beyond as we head into spring?

Concentrating on the white candle, which is the great purifier of the candle magick world, try to visualize sending all of the less-than-ideal thoughts, feelings, and residual (unwanted) forms of energy into the white candle. Let it absorb, cleanse and free you of the baggage of the season that just was.

Say aloud or in your mind, “I let go of all that was not ideal. It longer holds me frozen in place like the ice of winter. I am grateful for what it taught me, but I am moving forward and towards brighter days.”

Once you feel as though you’ve channeled as much as you possibly can into the white candle, thank the candle – and the universe – for aiding you. Next, light the yellow candle (allowing the white candle to keep burning).

Yellow is the colour of light, optimism, and cheer. It is bright and youthful, and of course aligns with the sun, which does so much to help move the wheel of the year along.

Looking upon the yellow candle, think about the areas of your life that you may be struggling with, where you’re in limbo, or that you’re uncertain about. Focus on the answers and resolutions that you need to reach you swiftly, and that you are able to soon be unburdened by forces of uncertainty.

Aloud or in your mind, say, “Let the light of this candle and of the returning springtime sun illuminate the answers I seek and need. I actively welcome clarity into my heart and life.”


Once you feel as though you’ve channeled as much as you possibly can into the yellow candle, thank the candle – and the universe – for aiding you. Next, light the green candle (allowing the white and yellow candles to keep burning).

Green is a wonderful colour, representing, amongst other things, rebirth, newness, life, vitality, prosperity, and nature itself.

We want to tap into the beautiful renewal of spring to help propel our lives forward in the directions that are right and best for us at present.

Looking upon the green candle’s shimmering flame, concentrate on the areas of your life that you feel are in need of renewal. Are there resolutions made several weeks ago now that have languished on the back burner? Projects or other plans that were started during the winter (or further back in time) and left unfinished? Do you simply want some extra pep in your step and/or magickal life?

Now is the time to concentrate on whatever you feel is in need of a jump start – or a fresh start – this spring and summer.

Aloud or in your mind, say, “Like the grass below our feet and the leaves upon our heads, I am ready and open to growth and renewal. I gladly invite positivity, change, and development into my life.”

Thank the candle – and the universe – for its assistance. Allow the candles to (safely) burn out naturally (supervising them along the way) or extinguish them in a manner that is in keeping with your personal spellwork preference.

If you cast a circle, called upon the quarter, evoked any spirit/divine allies or otherwise did anything that needs to be released, proceed to do so, giving heartfelt thanks to all forces involved.

The spell is now over and, hopefully, your soul already feels lighter, brighter and as though it has moved beyond the heavy darkness of winter.

Going forward, anytime you start to feel any of the negative aspects you worked to banish/let go of here today creep back into your life, consider anointing yourself with the same essential oil that you used here as a reminder that you’re consciously working to plow ahead under the bright, guiding light of the springtime sun.

May the highly positive, renewing energy and transformative qualities of Ostara – and spring itself – be with you in abundance.


(Note: I am a huge believer in personalizing spells and making them your own, so please feel free to use different wording than that which is suggested here, if you’d prefer.)

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