6 Elements of a Magickal Springtime Morning Routine

6 Elements of a Magickal Springtime Morning Routine | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Spring is the time for a fresh start, for recommitting to your daily spiritual practice. It’s easy to get out of the habit of having a morning ritual during the holidays and over the winter months, so this is the perfect opportunity to spring into a new beginning. Here are six ideas (along with some additional commentary about them in the video) to incorporate into your morning ritual for spring, as our lives adjust to the longer daylight hours:

  1. Light candles, as with Daylight Savings beginning in early March, mornings will be dark again for a while. Take the opportunity to watch the sunrise instead of bemoaning the dark.
  2. Take time to look outside and notice the seasons changing. You might record the temperature each morning when you wake up so that you can see the slow and steady rise as the days start to get warmer.
  3. Start incorporating springtime herbs and flowers into your life. A bouquet of flowers on the table can really brighten your day, while seasonal herbs like lemongrass, lemon verbena and mint make for a bright and fresh spring tea. You could also tie bundles of fresh herbs and hang them in the shower to start your day off with springtime scents.
  4. Incorporate more movement into your morning. Wake up and celebrate the returning sun with yoga sun salutations or go for an early run.
  5. Re-dedicate yourself to new or returning practices. Spring is the perfect time to recommit to your beliefs and make a fresh start.
  6. Remain mindful. The most important thing in any season is just to remain mindful. If you do stray from your spiritual practice, just do what you can to return to it and to be mindful in all you do.

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