6 Ways to Practice Devotion to Self-Love

Devotion is one of those words that gets tied up in all sorts of assumptions. We think of devotionals as expressing love toward a god or sacrificing ourselves in some way. But devotion is actually a deeply spiritual experience of expressing love toward anything that truly brings us joy. Human beings can be devoted to a god, to another person or group of people or an idea that really lights us up.

I talk about incorporating devotionals into your life as part of my Developing Your Daily Spiritual Practice program, because I think it’s so important to acknowledge the people and ideas that give you joy, that power you through your day and that light you up. If not for those, why are we here?

People usually nod along with me up to this point, that, yes, of course it makes sense to show our devotion to our families or a cause that we believe in or a god or goddess that guides us. But there’s one very important concept we should all be devoted to in one form or another, which is where I often get frowns or “well, I don’t know about that…”s, and that is devotion to self-love.

Being devoted to self-love might sound narcissistic or even selfish but let me tell you: it’s not. Full stop.

Being devoted to taking care of yourself is all important. This isn’t about taking care of you at the expense of others, definitely not, and it’s not about neglecting others either. This is about making sure that your needs are met and that, quite frankly, you even know what your needs are in the first place.

Here are six ideas for incorporating devotion to self-love into your life:

Make a list of your accomplishments, big and small. At the end of every day, write down all the things you did that made you feel successful, happy, accomplished or relaxed.

Get really comfortable with your own reflection. Spend 3-5 minutes every morning or evening looking in the mirror and noting things you like about your own appearance.

Find a book about self-love or acceptance and read a passage from it every day. 

Make sure to highlight and make notes in the margins about how it makes you feel.

Meditate. Although it can be difficult for some of us to clear our minds completely and sit in silent meditation, this is the absolute best way to get in touch with yourself. Spending time in silence, letting your heart guide you, is a powerful way to connect with your own needs. Using a guided meditation app can help a lot!

Keep a self-love journal or grimoire. Paste in quotes you like and photos of yourself, write down your feelings and record your self-love journey.

Work with the loving energies of tools like fresh roses, rosewater and rose quartz. Incorporate these into your skincare routine, set up altars on your vanity, nightstand or desk and get connected to the energy of self-love all day long.

Do you practice devotion to self-love and would you consider that to be part of your spiritual practice?



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