How to Plan a Winter Spiritual Retreat

Winter is a time of hibernation and retreat. Our ancient ancestors were not really setting goals and intentions and New Year’s resolutions in January; rather, they were hunkering down and trying to survive the harshest season. Though our modern world has changed the way we interact with the seasons, our inherent instincts are for retreat and reflection this time of year.

I always find myself taking some kind of solo retreat in January or February. It wasn’t until recently that I began doing this with intention, or that I noticed there was a connection to Imbolc. Imbolc is the February celebration that is a harbinger of spring. It is a time of inner knowledge that spring will come again, even though we can’t yet see it. This is the perfect time for retreats involving self-reflection and connecting with your higher self, drawing a parallel between the seeds of possibility buried within you and the seeds of spring buried beneath the still-frozen ground.

My retreats are always quite different from year to year, sometimes just a night or two and sometimes involving more significant travel.

Sometimes I focus on just relaxing, sometimes on planning for my business.

In 2016, I spent two days at the coast; in 2017, I spent five days in Edinburgh, Scotland! The time is always rewarding, though, and brings greater self-awareness than I began with. I wanted to share a few tips on how to plan a winter spiritual retreat of your own for Imbolc:

Set aside some specific time for your retreat

 Try to give yourself at least one full day. I know it can be difficult to try and carve out that much time, but you are worth it! Clear your schedule and

 let people know you will be unavailable. It’s okay if your retreat isn’t exactly on Imbolc – the energies of the season permeate January and February.

Take the time to get away

If you can. If it’s feasible, try to book somewhere at least an hour away – the time spent traveling, however short, is great for finding focus.

 If it is not feasible to get away for an overnight or longer, then you can certainly hold your retreat at home.

Make a plan

Make a plan for what you want to focus on. Are you interested in processing shadow work? Maybe strengthening your intuition through divination? Or perhaps you

 just want to relax – that’s good too! Your retreat could consist of yoga, meditation, tarot reading, a hot bath with essential oils… anything that appeals to you.

Give yourself space

The most important thing about your retreat is that if you allow yourself room to breathe and think and just be… you are much more likely to have the

 epiphanies and deep revelations that you are seeking. Don’t try to overthink or schedule your retreat too stringently, just let it happen!

Have you ever taken a spiritual retreat? How did it make you feel?

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