How to Incorporate Hygge into Your Wardrobe

It would be easy, upon reading the title of this post, to think to yourself something along the lines of, “well, just wear pale shades, cozy sweaters and scarves, and call it a day.” A natural and not entirely mistaken mindset, but there can be more than just that to the art of incorporating hygge into your wardrobe.

Hygge, as we’ve discussed in several other blog posts, is about creating and nurturing a sense of deep-seated calm and contentment. It aims to mesh the coziest aspects of fall and winter with self-care, happiness and serenity. While often chilly-weather-focused, hygge is by no means exclusive to the colder months and can be put into practice all throughout the year.

How to Incorporate Hygge into Your Wardrobe by Autumn Zenith | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Comfort is undeniably a huge part of the Danish concept of hygge, so you may find it beneficial to take a few minutes to reflect on what types of clothing you feel most comfortable in. Though certain answers may be more common, replies will vary and there is certainly no right or wrong here – simply what you feel serene while wearing.

For some, that could mean the softest pajamas, cuddliest flannel shirts, or biggest oversized cardigans imaginable. For others, it could be a beloved sundress, pair of perfectly broken-in jeans, or a big blanket scarf, to name but a few options.

Next, think about the season at hand. While you’d likely bypass shorts and sandals outside during a blizzard, or conversely, a ski jacket come the dog days of summer, it can be easy in this modern age of indoor heating to forget to truly dress for the seasons. Clothing isn’t just about warmth (or coolness), it can also be a way to honour the current chapter of the year, too.

Be it February or August, put an emphasis on natural fabrics and materials that are either highly breathable, or conversely, which let air circulate freely. Natural cottons, cashmere, wool and shearling, linen and soft hemp fabrics are all solid choices. Though more processed, I’m also an ardent fan of both velvet and corduroy.

As witches and Pagans, we know that intent is a key part of our practise and spiritual path alike, and so too does intent extend to hygge. What are you aiming for when you get dressed? How content and comfortable will your intended outfit make you feel?

Softness is a big factor when it comes to dressing with hygge in mind. Think about softness as a head-to-toe venture. This could include such things as soft knit hats and head wraps right down to socks, fleece-lined tights, and extra snuggly slippers. In between the two points, how about sweaters, gloves, mitts shawls and pashminas, turtlenecks, robes and dressing gowns, loose pants, flowy skirts, breezy tops and blouses, and airy jackets – just depending on the season.

Layer like you’re a wedding cake! Go to town with soft, sumptuous layers of the most delectably gentle fabrics you can find (or already have to hand). Though you may need to scale back come spring and summer, even then, a breezy scarf or two, perhaps a sheer shirt over a silk or airy cotton tank top, or a gauzy wrap for when the sun sets for the evening are all good ways to feel extra cozy when the mercury is skyrocketing.

If you find certain colours more soothing, lean heavily into those as you embrace hygge dressing. Pale and neutral tones such as grey, cream, white, taupe, and the fairest of pinks are a natural fit for the oasis of tranquility that hygge aims to achieve, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop (or start, for that matter) there. Any colour that you find comforting – and ideally, peaceful, too – can help you to create a deeper sense of serenity and add to your hygge experience.

Dressing in the palette of a given season may also help to inject a greater sense of calm into your daily outfits. This could mean matching the palette to the current season or turning to the colours of your favourite chapter of the year as the basis for your hygge-inspired palette.

Those, myself included, of our witchy and pagan ilk who enjoy wearing an abundance of black may find it quite interesting to know that this dark hue is amongst the most popular sported by Danish women in the 21st century. As the homeland of hygge, you can’t help but wonder if the Danes know something about the soothing properties of black attire that we could all learn a thing or two from!

And while thinking about chic Danish dressers, another way to up the hygge factor in your closet is to seek out clothing brands from Denmark (the birthplace of hygge) and other Scandi companies.

Remember in your quest for comfort, that hygge dressing has a certain easygoing nonchalance to it. This isn’t necessarily the time to look as though you’re headed for the Oscars, a board meeting, or dinner with your partner’s parents for the first time. Hygge attire can certainly be polished, but it can also be carefree and relaxed, too.

You want to feel, and look, like yourself and to be truly at home in your fashion choices. You don’t have to overhaul your whole wardrobe, nor dress hygge-ily every day. Much like focusing on hygge in your home at certain times, so too can you do the same with your outfit choices when the mood or need arises.

Channel the comfort of hygge dressing to aid you in daily/frequent practices such as, for example, meditation, yoga, spending time at your altar, or simply when you need to ground and center yourself in the midst of a long, stressful day.

While hygge has unquestionably been a buzzword, and concept du jour in recent years, the premise behind it and the positive impacts that embracing hygge (and similar things such as lagom, ikiga, and coseagach) can have on our lives is anything but a flash in the pan.

This very much extends to hygge-related fashion choices and is all the more reason why it makes good, plain sense to dress intentionally, comfortably and with an eye to the land of Demark that gave us this gentle concept in the first place.

Happy layering!

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