What Kind of Devotionals Are Right for You?

Devotionals is a big word and one loaded with a lot of meanings, assumptions and spiritual baggage. I’ve written on this topic before and have always received a ton of feedback when I talk about devotionals. In my Developing Your Daily Spiritual Practice program, participants actually develop the Six Pillars of their practices, one of which is devotionals.

So what exactly is a devotional and why is it such a big deal?

Well, basically, a devotional is any act you take or perform that expresses your devotion to something, usually something bigger than yourself. As for why the word stirs up such controversy in the pagan and spiritual community, the concept of devotionals really stems from more specifically religious traditions, and is most commonly used in a Christian context. Christian devotionals often consist of reading from the Holy Bible, journaling about or notating in the text, and prayer.

What Kind of Devotionals Are Right for You? | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

But here’s the thing. Devotionals aren’t just about gods. The important element of the word is right there within it: “devotion”. One of the things we talk about in the Developing Your Daily Spiritual Practice program is the concept that all of us are devoted to something, whether or not we are religious. Perhaps you are devoted to a cause or activism in some way, or to your family. When you think about it that way, a devotional is any act in which you express your devotion to that idea.

Okay, so what might an act of devotion look like for me?

We know what other religion’s devotionals look like, and I’ve talked before about what a pagan devotional can look like. But you might be wondering just what kinds of devotionals are right for you.

To begin with, I would recommend doing some serious meditation and/or journaling about exactly what it is you are devoted to. In my own daily spiritual practice, my devotionals center around the lunar cycle. I practice monthly new and full moon rituals and record my divination on those days. I look up in the sky every night when I get home and see the moon hanging there, shining down, and know that I am on the right path. Think about what it is that draws you in that way, that makes you stop and take notice in the midst of your busy life.

Most of us don’t have the capacity to be truly devoted to more than two or three things, at the most.

Devotion to People

There is probably at least one person or a specific group of people that you are devoted to: perhaps your lover or partner, your children, your parents or siblings or a group of friends who are your chosen family. Though there are others you care about, these are the people you love most in the world.

Expressing your devotion to these people can look like letters written to them or special gifts chosen for them. It can also just simply be your daily interactions with them: the way you speak to them, the food you prepare for them and the little seemingly mundane tasks you do for them.

Devotion to Gods

Certainly the most traditional interpretation of devotion, you might be devoted to a deity. If you do have a religious worship aspect of your spiritual practice, expressing your devotion is as simple as prayer, tending your altar and reading your important texts.

Devotion to Nature

For many of us witches, nature is a major element of our spirituality. Perhaps you are devoted to the moon, like me, or maybe you are more drawn to the concept of the elements or the changing seasons.

Expressing your devotion to nature can look like rituals held in honor of certain events, like the full moon or the solstices. It can be as small as noticing intentionally when the seasons begin to shift. Perhaps most importantly, it can be time spent in nature, hiking, meditating or simply watching the sunrise.

Devotion to a Cause

Spirituality can be a very personal and private thing, but oftentimes the beliefs we hold as part of our spiritual experience are also part of our larger interaction with the world. A green witch might also hold conservationism and being eco-friendly close to her heart. A cottage witch might feel passionately about everyone having a warm, safe, comfortable home and relieving homelessness in her area. The very concept of a modern witch is a widely feminist one.

If there is a cause that you are devoted to, incorporating it into your spiritual practice can be a powerful way to show your support, even privately. Putting your intentions and devotion into a concept that is meaningful to you, especially when followed up with actions, will help you connect your spiritual practice with something greater than yourself.

What are you devoted to?

If you are interested in exploring your devotions more, and developing the Six Pillars of Your Spiritual Practice, sign up now for my Developing Your Daily Spiritual Practice program! I would be honored to work with you and help you develop a practice, including devotionals, that suits your own unique lifestyle, beliefs and needs.

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