7 Ways to Incorporate Astrology Into Your Spiritual Practice

Astrology is so much more than just a fun hobby. It can be the cornerstone of your spiritual practice. The symbolism behind each zodiac sign makes astrology a powerful way to relate to the world and connect on a deeper level. If you’re looking to change up your spiritual practice, or incorporate new routines into your daily rituals, check out these 7 ideas:


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Full Moon Divination

Full moons get a ton of attention in the spiritual community and with good reason! When the sun and moon are across one another in opposite but balanced zodiac signs, the energy is electric.  

The sun (self), shines on the moon (emotions), literally exposing the hidden moon in the dark night sky. Just as the sun shines light on the moon,

hidden truths are also exposed, making full moons an excellent time to practice divination. 

Whether it’s tarot, pendulum magic, or runes to name a few, the sun’s reflection on the moon illuminates the hidden truths in a magical way. And what’s even cooler is that the moon shines so bright that you can even practice divination outside, weather permitting.

New Moon Spell Casting

New moons are at least as powerful, if not more powerful, than full moons!

New moons are the most powerful time for setting intentions because the moon and sun are in the same degree in relation to the earth. Two celestial bodies aligned in the same exact degree multiplies power and focus. 

So if you’re going to cast spells at the new moon I would strongly recommend two suggestions. First, align the intention with the zodiac sign or house rulership. This will triple boost the energy behind your spell. Second, take notes. Write out your New Moon intentions and spells in a sacred space for further review, so that you can later reflect on and reinforce them or adjust as necessary.

Moon Void of Course Introspection

Ever hear someone say something like, “oh no, the moon is void of course all day! I’m staying home…”? Moon void of course is the time between her final aspect in one sign, to when she enters the next one. If you are sensitive, this energy can totally cross your wires. 


But even though this energy isn’t conducive for business transactions or important decisions, it is perfect for internal reflection! Activities such as meditation, stream of consciousness journaling and reflection are powerful spiritual activities that are heightened during a void of course moon. 

Mercury Retrograde Reflection

Unbeknownst to most, and counterintuitive to popular belief, Mercury retrogrades can actually be a delightful and productive time. It’s all about knowing how to use retrograde energy. Retrogrades are when planets appear to be moving backwards in the sky. These periods promote retracing, resetting and review. 

Mercury is a messenger. Since Mercury rules communication, technology, and thought processes, use Mercury retrogrades to review and

look back to match the energetic flow.

I recommend waiting until Mercury is moving forward to act on these reflections.

Journaling, grimoire review and planning, are perfect things to do during a Mercury retrograde. I also back up my phone, computer files, and make sure my vehicle is maintained, to make Mercury retrogrades a breeze.

Sun Magic

With all this focus on the moon, the sun should also be included in your spiritual astrology journey. It’s much harder to find a good book on sun magick but my favorite is “Everyday Sun Magic” by Dorothy Morrison. 

Sun magic can take on many different forms.

You can invoke your sun sign in your magic to personalize it or invoke the current sun sign to draw on the energy of the season. 

You can even invoke different sun magic throughout the day. Morning or sunrise sun magic is perfect for new beginnings. Midday sun magic promotes success, clarity and cleansing. Sunset sun magic is ideal for endings and closure.

Astrology Journaling

In order to deepen your spiritual practice with astrology, you have to know what zodiac signs vibe best for you. 

The best way to figure out your best energies is astrology journaling. I recommend keeping brief notes for 28 days. In that time, the moon will travel through all twelve zodiac signs.

Take a note on the energy of the day and you will quickly notice what signs feel most at home and what signs are most uncomfortable. 

The more you journal and pay attention to the astrological energies that work best for you, the more you can plan out your day and sidestep any hiccups before they happen!

Natal Chart Transit Tracking

If you are serious about incorporating astrology into your spiritual practice, you should know your natal chart and track your transits. 

A natal chart is a snapshot of the solar system the moment you were born. In order to get an accurate chart, you need to know the day, time, and location of your birth. There are plenty of websites that will help you to generate a free chart. In your natal chart, you will find the sign and degree of each of your planets. 

Your chart will show you your transits. Going deeper than your sun sign or moon sign, transits are the exact points where all the planets reside in your birth chart.

As planets travel the zodiac, they pass through transits in your chart and activate them. 

Knowing when a planet is about to activate a transit is key to preparing for big changes and knowing when the stars are in your favor!

Your journey with astrology can be as simple or as intricate as you choose. You can incorporate astrology into mini rituals, or incorporate it into ancestral magic. Just remember that your spiritual practice belongs to you. What matters most is that it fits your needs. Only do that which resonates with you and feels right. I encourage you to take what you like and leave the rest!

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