5 Reasons You Should Have a Daily Spiritual Practice

Having a daily spiritual practice can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience, but you might be wondering: what does it even mean to have a daily spiritual practice?

Expressing your spirituality on a daily basis is an excellent way to stay connected and grounded in your beliefs. It’s easy to get off track and distracted from your spirituality when not engaging with it every day. Although maintaining your daily practice can be difficult at times, there are many ways to adapt your practices so that they can evolve with your own unique lifestyle and needs.

I’ve spoken on numerous blog posts, webinars and even have an entire program around embracing your path and practice! So what does that look like in reality?

Morning And Evening Rituals

Morning and evening rituals are a great practice to begin connecting with your spirituality on the day-to-day. Most of us have some kind of routine when we wake up and before we go to bed that can easily be adapted into a spiritual practice. Though of course you have mundane tasks that need to be done, such as making the bed or brushing your teeth, adding in a few spiritual activities can transform these routines into

spiritually enlightening times of the day. For example, you could add a quick five minute meditation to your morning before you even get out of bed or a twenty minute yoga practice to your evening. You could go as simple as lighting a candle while you do your makeup in the morning or as complex as you want with a journaling, meditation and astrology combination for an hour or two at the end of the day.

Recording Your Practice

Although journaling may or may not be part of everyone’s practice, I think it’s really important to record your spiritual practice in whatever manner makes sense for you. Writing down your practice, including the tools you use, the activities you engage in and rituals you perform, and your feelings about those things, helps you to stay grounded. It also gives you something to reflect back on. Having a record of your practice is really all about being able to look back over the past week, month,  or even year and recognize how far you have come.

 How much you have grown. And in what ways your spirituality has supported you through it all. Whether you use a blank journal, a bujo practice, or a guided printable, journaling is a powerful way to connect with your past and your present. 

5 Reasons You Should Have A Daily Spiritual Practice

Get grounded and stay connected to your spirituality. Stay on track with your goals and intentions. Create a way to relax, unwind and decompress from 

the stresses of daily life. Become more in tune with your intuition and higher self. Have the opportunity to reflect back on your past self and how much you have grown in your spiritual expression.


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