Working with Dream Magick + Winter Solstice Dream Tea

Yule, or the Winter Solstice, is the “shortest day of the year”, or the day with the shortest number of daylight hours. It is certainly the darkest day of the year and beginning the following day, the daylight hours will slowly begin to lengthen and the sun will return again. Most Yule celebrations focus on lighting up the darkness, a topic we explored in this post about simple and meaningful ways to add more light to the season. 

I also want to explore the concept of embracing the darkness at this time of year, however. Although bringing light to your celebrations is a beautiful and ethereal way to experience winter, there is a certain beauty in the dark itself as well. Pagan sabbats are about celebrating the seasons as they arrive, taking a moment to slow down and appreciate nature. Wintertime is about turning within, reflecting, hibernating. It is a time to relax and settle in. 

Working with Dream Magick + Winter Solstice Dream Tea | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

That makes it the perfect time of year to work with dream magick. Sleep and rest are vital supportive functions of our bodies and the dreams we experience while asleep are a powerful form of intuition. Though not all dreams are signs or messages, they are always images brought forward from the depths of our subconscious – what could be more powerful than the knowledge we hold inside ourselves?

On the winter solstice, or at any time during the winter, choose to make an early night of it. Allow your body to feel into the rhythms of the sun and moon. Change into soft, comfortable pajamas and make the bed with cozy blankets. Make a cup of tea and light some candles. You might consider diffusing relaxing essential oils, such as lavender or valerian, or placing crystals associated with sleep and dreams under your pillow or on the nightstand. Just take time to truly unwind: be silent, listen to your thoughts (or perhaps rain outside the window), and be still. 

One element you might add to this experience is my special blend of Winter Solstice Dream Tea:


  • 2 teaspoons peppermint
  • 1 teaspoon valerian
  • 1 teaspoon dandelion root

Mix all ingredients together in a strainer. Pour hot water over the strainer and steep for about 5 minutes. Drink slowly before bed.

When you are relaxed and ready for sleep, blow the candles out and settle under the blankets. Don’t think too hard about it, just allow yourself to drift off to sleep peacefully. Trying to call in intuitive dreams never seems to work for me – this is an organic process that flowers when it needs to. That means that sometimes dreaming doesn’t come easy. Whether it is on the winter solstice or any other day of the year, your subconscious knows what you need to be told, but trying too hard to hear it can be counterintuitive. (That’s why I believe the cozy concept of hygge is such a wonderful complement to dream magick: it allows time and space for your mind and intuition to show you what is needed.)

I believe the best way to support your dream magick practice is through journaling. Each morning when you wake up, and especially on the morning after the winter solstice, the first day in six months when the daylight hours will begin to lengthen again, reach for your dream journal. This can be as simple as a lined notebook that you record your dreams in each day!

By writing down your dreams, especially at this powerful, magickal time of year, you are training your brain to understand how important it is to remember dreams. To seek them out and to try to understand them. This is part of that organic process of receiving intuitive hits. 

If working with dream magick in the dark winter nights appeals to you, sign up for The Modern Witch’s Guide to Sabbats bundle which includes instant access to courses on all eight of the pagan sabbats, including Yule!

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