How to Plan Your Most Spiritual Year Yet

As the year winds down, we all begin to think about our plans for the future. Though December represents the last waning sliver of the year, it is also a new turn on the Wheel of the Year, turning towards a bright future. For many of us, that means setting new year’s resolutions and intentions to be more dedicated to our spiritual practices, more connected to our spiritualities and more generous, compassionate people.

It’s a big job, though, creating a more spiritual life for yourself, and one that takes planning and dedication. Though there is definitely a lot to be said for feeling into your spiritual needs, trusting your intuition and going with the flow, a little preparation can set you on the path toward a happier and more connected new year!


To begin, think about your year as a whole

What is your highest level, most bird’s-eye-view intention for the year? If you could achieve your deepest spiritual goal in the next twelve months, what would it be? Is it a retreat you want to attend or a new area of interest you want to master? Do you want to memorize the meanings of every tarot card, learn to meditate for an hour or work with a particular guide?

Or maybe your intention for the year is more personal: perhaps you want to begin sharing your spirituality more openly with those you care about or strengthen your intuition.

What part of yourself do you most want to tap into more deeply?


Then, break the year down month-by-month

These aren’t hard, set-in-stone plans, nor are they plans you are committing to follow in this exact order. But giving yourself a theme for each month, with the room to grow, evolve and trust your intuition throughout the year, is a great way to keep yourself on track. Busy, modern life can happen, especially once we’ve settled into the year come February or March, and our intentions can fly right out the window.

By creating a concept you want to embody for each month, you are creating a path which you can return to, even if you stray.

You might consider coming up with a particular word that encompasses what you want to feel connected to for each month. Or, pull a tarot card for each month and allow it to inspire your intentions for that month.

Consider your rituals

Personally, I have a tendency to stray from my rituals when I get busy. This is the first thing to go when I am distracted from my spirituality! I’m the type of person, if I don’t have a clear plan, I’m much less likely to follow through (on anything). Think about the rituals you want to do for the coming year (or at least the first quarter of the year).

Think about the moon phases and sabbats you want to honor and any personally important dates such as birthdays. Maybe jot down some ideas for ritual structure, tools you want to work with or acquire and days you want to celebrate. Put them on your calendar and make it a point to honor those commitments. You will be so glad you did!

Finally, think about your daily spiritual practice

What elements of your current daily spiritual practice are working for you? What needs to be adapted, adjusted or left behind?

Though you can plan out the high-level concepts of your year by month and ritual, your daily practice is the root of it all. If this is out of balance or isn’t working, you likely will feel much less motivated to pursue your larger intentions. 

What spiritual intentions are you setting for the new year?

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