7 Elements of a Magickal Winter Evening Routine

Recently, I shared some tips for creating and maintaining a daily spiritual and magickal morning routine during the wintertime. Today, we are going to be rounding out that topic with a few elements you can incorporate into your daily magickal evening routine in the winter as well!

I talk a lot about having a daily spiritual practice and why that’s important. Practicing your spirituality and magick, if that is part of your path, on a daily basis keeps you connected and grounded on even the most mundane of days. Or the busiest of days, such as during the holiday season! 

A related topic is the importance of adapting your rituals and routines throughout the year to suit your current needs. When we first create a new spiritual practice, it is easy to be excited about it and committed to it, but as the months wear on, seasons and schedules change, we drift away from our practices. That’s why adapting your spiritual practice on a seasonal basis is so important – so you can stay connected in a way that makes sense for your current schedule and lifestyle!

The biggest hurdle many people face with their spiritual practice in the wintertime is the darkness. In the northern hemisphere, it gets dark increasingly earlier

as we approach the winter solstice. Although the daylight hours begin to lengthen again after the solstice, it remains quite dark at night through January and February. For some, this can result in mild depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder, while others simply feel unmotivated.

The concept of both winter sabbats, Yule and Imbolc, is to illuminate the darkness of this time of year. This is both a physical illumination to bring light to the dark and improve our sense of cheer and also a metaphysical illumination of our shadows and where we have room to grow. Winter is a time for hibernation and germination so we can blossom in the coming spring.

Here are a few ideas to incorporate into your winter evening routine:

Light candles. I like to light candles in the morning as well, but the simple act of striking a match and illuminating the night by lighting a candle can be deeply spiritual in the dark of winter.

String up twinkle lights that you can turn on at night. Similarly, create light in other ways besides candles, such as white twinkle lights above your altar or outside your window. This doesn’t have to be limited strictly to Yule – white twinkle lights are festive all winter long.

Care for your skin. Applying a nourishing moisturizer in the evening before bed is a great way to care for skin that can become dry in the cold weather.

Practice divination. I find that divination is a big part of most of my spiritual practices. Though I usually like to pull a tarot card at the beginning of the day, in the winter, it can be a nice way to end the day on a reflective note.


Tend indoor plants. For many witches, being cooped up indoors and separated from nature during the winter is the worst part of the season. Bring your garden inside with a few small potted plants or herbs by a window and take the time to water and tend them each evening.

Embrace festivity. There are so many winter festivals and gatherings that it can be a bit overwhelming at times, but the reason we cluster so many events in the winter is just one more way humans try to light up the dark. Embrace the festivities and spend your evenings with family and friends!

Sip warm beverages. Now, I recommend tea, of course, but cocoa or cider will do as well! Sipping a warm cuppa before bed is an excellent way to calm your body and mind and warm your insides.

How do you embrace the winter season in your evening routines?

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