How to Hygge for Witches

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word that is all about the cozy, comforting elements of winter. Whether it’s snuggling up with a warm, soft blanket, sipping a hot cup of tea or spending quality time with loved ones, the hygge trend sums up all good things about winter. Though hygge is not specifically magickal, there is a very spiritual element to the concept, so I wanted to share some fun ideas for how to hygge for witches! Click here for hygge gift ideas as well.

How To Hygge

Celebrate the winter holidays, such as Yule and Imbolc, with renewed energy. Yule often gets tangled up with the other holiday celebrations and Imbolc often gets passed over all together, but these two winter sabbats have a quiet beauty all their own.

Make your own tea blends for winter. Incorporate herbs and spices that make you feel warm and cozy and add a little seasonal magick too.

Take time to write in your grimoire about how the winter season makes you feel and what makes you feel safe and warm. Writing in your working grimoire on a regular, or even daily basis, is a great way to stay connected to your spirituality. Writing about how the individual seasons make you feel and how you connect with them is a great seasonal writing prompt.

Bless your favorite fuzzy blanket with protection. Blankets make us feel safe and protected – I’m sure there’s some kind of ancient, primal reason for that. Bless your favorite blanket with a mini ritual to bestow it with protective powers so it can keep you safe emotionally and spiritually!

Spend time at your altar, even when you aren’t doing a ritual. Just light some candles, get comfy and read a book, meditate or do some journaling. Just chill – but in a spiritual way. 

Take time to notice the weather. A big part of many witches’ practice is connecting with and spending time in nature. Though that becomes more challenging when the weather is “bad”, take time to sit and watch the rain, play in the snow or

notice just how chilly it is when you get up in the morning. All of these are beautiful elements of the season – even if they can be an annoying part of everyday life as well. 

Make your bed a sacred space. It’s easy to only think of your altar as sacred space and the rest of your home as mundane, but sometimes the places we spend the most time are those that are most sacred. We spend half our lives sleeping so turning your bed into a sacred place you spend time, especially in the winter, is a great way to hygge. Layer your bed with warm, soft, cozy blankets that make you feel protected, spritz your sheets and pillowcase with lavender essential oil and cleanse the space with sage or cedar smoke. 

Care for your hearth. Though the hearth, or fireplace, isn’t the heart of the home like it once was, thanks to central heating, it’s still an important part of many witches’ practice. Whether you are a kitchen or cottage witch, or practice another spirituality altogether, caring for your hearth can be a beautiful mesh of magickal and mundane experiences. Though cleaning a sooty fireplace or sweeping the chimney is not for the faint of heart, nor is chopping and gathering firewood, these rewarding activities will help you connect with the winter experiences of your ancestors and bring a warm and cozy fire inside as well!

How will you hygge this winter, witches?

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