Pomegranate Beauty Ritual for Samhain

Pomegranates are one of those eternal symbols of Samhain. As soon as I see them appear in the grocery store, I get excited for fall – the most magickal season has arrived! Pomegranates are a deeply magickal fruit associated with everything from the goddess Persephone and her journey to the underworld to the Biblical Tree of Knowledge to female fertility. 

I think what makes them so mysterious is their hard outer shell, protecting such juicy, decadent flavor inside. What curious human first cracked open a pomegranate to discover the glittering, red gems inside? 

Pomegranates are perfect for Samhain, both because they are seasonally available in the Northern Hemisphere and because of their magickal associations. One traditional Samhain ritual is to eat three pomegranate seeds on the night of the sabbat in honor of Persephone, who ate three pomegranate seeds and was then bound to the underworld for half the year. 

I wanted to offer a little bit of an updated pomegranate ritual, however, for witches looking for something more modern and relatable. In addition to being incredibly magickal, pomegranates are also rich in antioxidants and are great for beauty routines. This ritual combines elements of magick, beauty, glamour and the underworld into a modern Samhain ritual to remember.

Samhain Pomegranate Beauty Ritual

Tools and Supplies Needed:

One fresh pomegranate

1/2 cup pomegranate juice 

Rosemary cleansing bundle or rosemary essential oil

Ceramic bowl (preferably black but not required)

Pitcher of warm water (you will need enough water to fill the bowl twice)

Black candles

Cotton balls

Soft cloth (preferably black but not required)

Headband or clips to hold hair away from the face

Knife and cutting board



Place the candles in a semi-circle above the bowl and light them. 

Light the rosemary cleansing bundle and wave the smoke gently over the space and yourself. Place the bundle in a fire-safe container to continue smoking and cleansing. Alternatively, place a few drops of rosemary essential oil in a diffuser and wave the diffused scent over your altar.

You may want to invoke the goddess Persephone, or another goddess associated with Samhain such as Hekate, at this point.

Using the headband or clips, secure your hair away from your face, if necessary. 

Fill the bowl with water. Gently wash your face, splashing the water on your skin and massaging it in. Take time to trace the lines of your face with your fingers, re-familiarizing yourself with your own flesh and features.

When you are finished washing your face, pat it gently dry with the soft cloth. 

Dip the cotton ball in the pomegranate juice and gentle dab it onto your freshly clean skin. Pomegranate juice is an excellent toner and can be applied in this way at any time after washing your face. 

Dispose of the water in the bowl in a manner of your choosing (down the sink is one option, or use it to water a plant). Refill the bowl with the remaining lukewarm water. 

Using the knife and cutting board, carefully cut the fresh pomegranate in half.

Holding one half under the water, gently remove the arils from their shell so that they float to the bottom of the bowl. Repeat with the second half. 

Discard the pomegranate shells and strain the arils out, pouring the excess water back into the pitcher to be disposed of. With the clean arils in the bowl, set aside all other tools and implements so only the bowl and the candles and rosemary bundle remain on your altar.

Choose three arils out of the bowl and place them in the palm of your hand. Wave rosemary smoke over them.

As you lift each aril, hold it up and dedicate it to a cause in your life, whether it be inner beauty, generosity, continued honoring of your ancestors or another idea relevant to the energy of Samhain. After dedicating each aril, place it on your tongue and eat it. 

When you have consumed all three arils, you may continue the ritual with divination, meditation or ancestor work or simply extinguish the candles. 

Use the remaining arils in a delicious Samhain dish!

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