6 Crystals for Samhain or Halloween

If you’re big into crystals, like many witches are, you may have wondered which crystals are particularly suited for certain seasons and sabbats. Samhain is perhaps the witchiest sabbat of all and perfect for trying out new magickal tools! 

There are crystals suited for every occasion. In the spring and summer, the focus might be on abundance and fiery action, but at Samhain, we begin to turn inward and become more reflective. As the veil between worlds becomes thin and magick pours into the world, we also tap more deeply into our intuition and into our deepest, darkest urges. 

Here are 6 crystals perfect for helping you tap into the energies of Samhain:

This is a wonderfully magickal crystal ruled by the mysterious energies of Neptune is associated with mysticism and psychic awareness, perfect endeavors to develop at Samhain.

This crystal isn’t actually a crystal at all, but rather volcanic glass. Obsidian is associated with magickal activities such as scrying and grounding and it also absorbs negativity. 

Smoky Quartz
This dark and mysterious form of quartz is associated with banishing and stopping pain and nightmares, endeavors which are especially powerful at Samhain. It can also help with grounding and meditation.



This magnetic stone is found near mineral hot springs and provides focus, courage and grounding energies. 

One of my favorite crystals, labradorite is an excellent stone for working with at the full moon or magickal sabbats such as Samhain. Labradorite is associated with divination and intuition which is especially powerful at Samhain.

Primarily associated with communication, this mysterious-looking stone is also connected to past lives. Samhain is an excellent time to connect with both our ancestors and our past lives. 


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