10 Herbalism Prompts for Your Witch’s Grimoire

For many of us, especially kitchen, cottage and garden witches, our grimoires are packed with information about herbs and plants, recipes and even function as a true materia medica, with medicinal information.

If you’re interested in exploring more ways to work with your grimoire as an important tool of your herbalist path. 

Here are 12 prompts to get you started:

Record information about plants that are native to your area. 

If you commonly suffer from a particular ailment, research which plants and homeopathic remedies exist to treat it and record them in your grimoire. (Please note: Always consult a doctor for serious or chronic conditions. Do not mix homeopathic remedies with Western medicine and medication without speaking to your doctor first.)

If you have pets or a familiar, research any plants that may be harmful for them and record them in your grimoire for safety reference.

Write out tutorials for particular projects you make often or are interested in making, such as tinctures, infused oils, homemade gin or flower essences.

Make natural ink from plants to use when writing in your grimoire. 


In addition to individual profile pages for each plant, create indexes of particular traits, correspondences or astrological rulers for easy reference.

Record recipes for diffuser blends, tinctures, tea blends, spells and other herbal concoctions and leave space at the bottom to note in a few days, weeks or months, how the recipe’s effect turned out.

Keep track in your grimoire of where you acquire your favorite versions of each plant. As you practice herbalism regularly, you will discover that you prefer some plants from certain shops over others or from your own garden or not. 

Rather than simply drawing a picture of the plant on its profile page in its most commonly recognized form, include more detailed drawings as well of the plant as it appears in various seasons and periods of its life cycle. 

Keep a record of the types of pollinators that visit your garden and research their likes, dislikes and functions.

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