5 Ways to Use Crystals in the Kitchen

I find that most witches, (though not all), are interested in a wide variety of topics related to witchcraft, mysticism and the occult. That’s why my own blog and business are devoted to helping you create the magickal and spiritual path that suits your own unique, modern lifestyle. As we meld together our various interests, a magickal path emerges that is uniquely our own.

Depending on your general and more diverse interests, it can sometimes be difficult to know how to mesh them all together. For example, if you are primarily a kitchen witch,  interested in cooking, herbalism and perhaps growing your own plants, but want to incorporate crystals into your practice as well, how might you go about doing that? 

Here are 5 ways to use crystals in the kitchen:

Set up crystals associated with fire, such as citrine and tiger’s eye, by the stove to encourage a warm oven and a warm heart.

Place a protective crystal, such as obsidian, in the bottoms of your pots when they are in storage and not in use to preserve their positive, creative energy. 

Glue crystal points to the ends of kitchen utensils that you use for magickal purposes, such as wooden spoons, to turn them into wands of a sort. 


Place stones associated with luck, such as green calcite, in strategic locations around the kitchen. Consider placing one next to the toaster to help prevent burnt toast, for example. 

When drying herbs, tie crystals associated with similar subjects or ruled by the same planets and signs to the bundles to help preserve and bolster the herb’s traits during the drying process.

How do you utilize crystals in the kitchen?

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