Mantelpiece Altar for Mabon

Just prior to Mabon is when I typically pull out all of my fall decorations, clean the house and spruce it up for my favorite season. You might say the whole house is my autumn equinox altar! There are a few key places around the house though that fulfill this purpose more specifically. I think my favorite seasonal altar is the mantelpiece on top of my fireplace – although I live in a townhouse with no real fireplace, we invested in a very nice, electric fireplace space heater last year which I adore. How very modern cottage witch of me, eh?

I’m excited to be rolling out our most recent online course, The Modern Witch’s Guide to Mabon, a collection of simple and compelling ideas for celebrating the autumn equinox. This post is a preview of the course, which will also help you decide what to serve for your Witch’s Thanksgiving feast, how to decorate for the season, how to keep an autumn nature journal and more. The course is just $15 and designed to be immediately applicable to your modern, daily lifestyle. 

Mantelpiece Altar for Mabon | The Modern Witch's Guide to Mabon online course

To begin with, always give your altar space a good cleaning before setting up a new seasonal altar. I like to take everything off and wipe the surface down with a damp cloth and some Thieves cleaning spray.

Mantelpiece Altar for Mabon | The Modern Witch's Guide to Mabon online course
Mantelpiece Altar for Mabon | The Modern Witch's Guide to Mabon online course

When working with a mantelpiece, you’ll want to give some consideration to the design of the altar, since it will be a public vignette. Place taller, larger items in the back and small, detailed items in the front. A few items to consider including are:

  • Faux and real mini pumpkins of all shapes and sizes.
  • Autumn family photos, such as pictures from pumpkin patches or playing in leaves.
  • Black, orange and white candles
  • A vase of faux or real fall flowers, such as chrysanthemums
  • A diffuser of fall scents
  • Hang a garland, such as the fall leaf garland (tutorial available in the full course), across the front of the mantelpiece.

This is a great way to share your practice with the world, (or at least your household), and it’s simple enough to make it subtle, seasonal decor if you are partially or fully in the broom closet! How are you decorating for Mabon this year?

Don’t forget to sign up for The Modern Witch’s Guide to Mabon online course for even more fall goodies and ideas!

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