Why Keeping a Dream Journal Will Strengthen Your Intuition

Dreaming is often associated with the moon. This is not simply because we typically dream while the moon is high in the sky, but also because dreaming is our natural intuitive processing power, and intuition is deeply connected to the moon. The moon rules over divination, intuition and dreams themselves. Many of us experience more intense or more accurate dreams during certain phases of the moon, especially the full moon. 

Why Keeping a Dream Journal Will Strengthen Your Intuition | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Keeping track of your dreams is a great way to strengthen your intuition and begin to notice patterns of how you feel during certain moon phases and signs and what types of dreams you have under certain astrological conditions. The more you write down your dreams, the more your brain becomes accustomed to remembering them, which is why its okay to write down “no dream recall” or “I don’t remember” on days when you can’t remember what you dreamt about. Just the act of writing down that you can’t remember will help train your brain that dreams are important and worth the hard drive space, so to speak. Credit to Darla Antoine, fabulous kitchen witch and ancestral activist, for the “no dream recall” technique.

It’s also important to record your dreams as soon after you wake up as possible. I often think I’m going to remember but by the time I’ve brushed my teeth or hit the snooze button twice, I can’t remember my dreams at all. Create a morning practice that includes recording your dreams right after waking and consider incorporating other spiritual activities at that time too to start the day off right.

Not all dreams are made equal.

It’s important to realize that not every dream is a vital communique from the spirit realm. Some dreams are caused by an event at work or something you saw on tv; some dreams are caused by bad Chinese food. But some dreams are important and if you are chronicling your dreams each day, you will learn to recognize the difference. 

I remember when I had my first premonition via a dream about something that then happened at work the following day. I had been recording my dreams for a few months and was shocked and thrilled. What’s amazing is that it probably wasn’t my first premonitory dream, it was just the first one I recognized because I had begun paying attention. It is truly incredible how much simply being mindful and aware of our intuition can strengthen it beyond what we could have otherwise imagined or believed.

I encourage you to begin recording your dreams and stick with it for at least three months. You may be amazed by what you learn – and by what you already intuitively know. If you are interested in exploring your dreams further, check out this DIY Herbal Dream Pillow project as well.

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