Paganism and the Paranormal with “The Otherworldly Oracle”

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The paranormal isn’t a topic I often touch upon, but it’s a somewhat controversial one within the witchy community. On the one hand, many witches and spiritual people believe in ghosts, fairies, elves and other paranormal creatures or energetic entities. On the other, I feel as though there has been a push in recent years to distance “witchcraft” from the “paranormal” which has become associated with mock ghosthunter television shows and Steven King novels.

Nicole of Otherwordly Oracle wants to encourage modern witches to feel welcome to explore their relationship with the paranormal in a safe and responsible way. She believes that the paranormal and paganism need not be separate realms. Her lovely blog focuses on connecting our pagan beliefs with the creatures, worlds and realms that ancient pagans felt and interacted with daily, as well as other new age topics. Nicole is a Registered Nurse, a certified Reiki Level 2 practitioner, and an author of fantasy novels, as well as a blogger. She has had paranormal experiences since her childhood and is passionate about helping other witches find a spiritual connection with the paranormal in their own lives.

Paganism and the Paranormal with "The Otherworldly Oracle" | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Let’s dive in with Nicole!

What first sparked your interest in the paranormal?

My interest in the paranormal began as a little girl. I grew up in an old farmhouse in historic Southern Maryland. The house itself was nearly a hundred years old and had seen its share of death and secrets. Out back was an old railroad track, no longer in use, that was once active in the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds. Needless to say, between the history of the house and property, and the thick woods and meadows around us, there was an immense amount of spirit activity. Spirits became a part of daily life for me, and so I’ve carried those memories and beliefs through the years. They’ve heavily influenced my writing.

How do you feel the paranormal and paganism are intertwined?

My form of paganism is based on animism, which is a belief that all things have consciousness and souls. So, the modern idea of the “paranormal” consisting of ghosts, fairies, werewolves, demons and other beings, falls naturally in line with my animistic view of nature and humankind. Ghosts are souls of the departed, or at the very least energy that the departed has left behind. Fairies are spirits of things in nature, such as trees, plants, rivers, mountains, hills, etc. Shapeshifters are astral bodies of people with the ability to travel through the other realms. The “paranormal” is simply a diluted modern term that echoes the beliefs and traditions of our ancient ancestors.

If you had to choose one paranormal being that you think is most important for spiritual people to connect with, which would it be?

It depends on the person’s preference and path, but I believe connecting with fairies is incredibly important. Fairies are the spirits of nature, also known as the genus loci, and they are present when you walk right out your front door. As people who feel in tune with the earth and its energies, it only makes sense to connect with the nature spirits where you live. The wise women and men of the past worked with the energies in and around their homes, which is often reflected in fairy folklore and legends from Europe and colonial America. These natural energies were “fairies”. Look at people like Biddy Early and Bessie Dunlop, both wise women of the past who acquired their knowledge from the “fairy” folk…the spirits of nature.

How would you recommend for someone just starting out to connect with the fairies?

Not all fairies are nice or even welcoming to humans. The first step to connecting with fairies is to get outside. Learn and develop an understanding of the plant, tree, and animal energies in your local area. When you develop a relationship with the land where you live, you’ll start noticing certain animals and plants appear to you. You might start dreaming of these animals and plants, and eventually they will reveal their “fairy” forms to you. Set up a spot in your yard, on your balcony, or in your garden specifically for the fairies. Use your imagination: anything from small, colorful bird houses to stone circles are a great place to start. Leave offerings for the fairies on the sabbats. Don’t invite fairies into your home unless you know them intimately and have been working with their energies for quite some time. Be proactive in caring for the earth and its inhabitants and the fairies will be willing to work with you.

How can someone tell if their home is haunted? What should they do if it is?

Typically, when there’s a true “haunting”, it manifests itself via the five senses: sights, smells, sounds, feelings, and even tastes. You’ll “see” shadows or full-blown figures. You might smell aromas that come out of nowhere, such as floral perfume, cigar smoke, or rotting meat. Sounds of voices, laughs, footsteps, even music will manifest. A hand might graze your shoulder or you might feel cold spots where there shouldn’t be. Some people even get certain tastes in their mouths when ghosts are around. If you are sensitive to spirits, you might attract certain spirits to your home that come and go. In this case, it’s not a full blown haunting but rather what I call “wandering” ghosts. If you are experiencing a full-blown haunting, you have two options. Either eradicate the spirit by a cleansing and blessing of your house. OR live with the spirit, if it is indeed harmless. In my childhood home, we lived alongside the ghosts peacefully. They’d been there for years before us and paid us no mind, so we developed an amicable living situation with them. If the spirits ever grew aggressive, then we would banish them.

Is there a spiritual benefit or detriment to spending time around spirits?

It’s all about balance. You have to first protect yourself and your household. This means to be careful what you invite into your home. If you want to connect with the fairies in your local area, great! But get to know them OUTSIDE first, in their natural habitat, long before you invite them inside your house. It’s kind of like meeting someone on the street you think might make a cool new friend. You wouldn’t just invite them into your house the first minute you meet them, right? Same goes for spirits. If you end up unknowingly inviting a malevolent or low-level spirit into your house, they could feed off your energy and your family’s energies. You don’t want that. Screen all the spirits you work with. If the energy doesn’t feel right, don’t engage. Also keep in mind, there are spirits literally everywhere. We can’t avoid them entirely, so be sure to cleanse yourself and your house at least once a month to remove any negative energy.

What would be your number one piece of advice for someone looking to incorporate more paranormal elements into their spiritual practice?

Dip your toes in. Don’t dive in head first. What I mean is – study the spirits you’d like to work with first before reaching out to make contact. Always protect your energy and your household when working with the other realms.

Thanks to Nicole for sharing her wisdom!

Do you work with the paranormal in your practice? How have paranormal experiences you have had inform your spiritual practice and beliefs?

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