9 Ways to Connect with the Wheel of the Year in the 21st Century

The pagan sabbats are based in the seasons and when we connect with them, they can be an incredibly powerful marker of the passage of time, the shifts within ourselves and the cyclical nature of Earth and of our own bodies. In the 21st century, though, it can be difficult to connect with these natural rhythms, when we are so utterly disconnected from them in our day-to-day lives.

Electricity keeps us from being reliant on sunlight so we do not notice when the days grow longer or shorter. Greenhouses and imported foods allow us to have fresh fruits and vegetables all year long, so we do not relate to the growing season or the harvest.

That’s why connecting with the sabbats is so important – perhaps especially those that seem the farthest from our modern reality, as those are the themes we need most in our lives. The sabbats courses in the Lavender + Lupine School of Magick are all about this need for connection with the natural world, but in a way that makes sense in our modern, urban lives.

So how do you go about connecting with nature in the 21st century?

You can think of the sabbats as metaphorical or spiritual in nature: as our ancestors once planted, tended, harvested and released throughout the year, so can we in our mental, spiritual and emotional selves.

There is also something to be said for bringing true elements of nature back into our modern reality as well. Going out into nature to experience the changes in the seasons for yourself is a powerful and simple act. In this way, you can stand witness to the fact that nature does still exist around us and to feel into the rhythms and cycles that still flow throughout nature.

Here are 9 spiritual and real-world ways to connect with the Wheel of the Year:

Make a list of seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs at the beginning of each season and consciously incorporate them into your diet.

Plan to go for a walk or hike in the same park at the turn of each season (approximately March, June, September and December) so that you can observe the changes throughout the year.

Change out the seasonal decorations on your altar or in your home to include dried or fresh plants and crystals ruled by the current season.


Focus on different elements of fitness depending on the energy of the season. For example, you might practice more gentle, relaxing yin yoga in winter, and train for a 5k or swimming competition in the summer.

Take notice of the astrological signs that the sun and moon are in – once a month they coincide on the new moon for a super powerful boost of seasonal energy!

Make your own seasonal tea blends with your favorite herbs and flowers to drink during the corresponding times of year.

Learn about the tarot suits that correspond to each of the seasons (cups for winter, wands for spring, swords for summer and pentacles for autumn, or another system that suits you) and do a reading for yourself at the start of each season using only that suit.

Spend at least one day in every season just sitting outside in your garden, meditating. Pay attention to the sounds, the smells and the visiting insects and wildlife!


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