How to Set an Intention for Wellness + A Free Worksheet

I have been hosting the 31 Day Witchy Wellness Challenge over on Instagram for the month of July, which I encourage you to jump on and start participating in – after all, your 31 days can start at any time! In fact, today is a great time to start just about anything as it is the new moon, the moon phase that is all about new beginnings, fresh starts and setting intentions.

It’s important to recognize the difference between intentions and goals. You can honor the new moon however feels right to you, but it is generally accepted that new moon intentions are not about simple, physical things like reaching a particular weight or exercising four times a week. Those are goals. Intentions are more metaphysical, mental and spiritual. When you set an intention at the new moon, you are charging it with all the lunar power of the most fiery moon phase, so think big!

How to Set an Intention for Wellness + A Free Worksheet | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

That’s why setting an intention for wellness is a wonderful way to incorporate your desires to eat healthy, get in shape, stretch more, drink more water and other small, individual tasks into a more spiritually-minded intention. Wellness is the overall embodiment of a healthy lifestyle. We all have areas of wellness that we struggle with, (for me, it’s cardio and athleticism, as well as regularly eating nutritious meals). Setting an intention for wellness means taking on the challenge of facing those areas you struggle with, as well as embracing and loving yourself for the areas of wellness you enjoy and thrive in.

So how do you go about setting your intention?

I believe it is always helpful to write out my intentions, to set them in stone if you will. In your grimoire or on a piece of paper, write down the date, moon sign and moon phase and what your intention is. Keep this somewhere safe you can refer back to it.

Then, flesh out your intention. What areas of wellness do you want to focus on? Where do you thrive and where do you need to build yourself up? A few such areas include:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Mindfulness
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Sexual Wellness
  • Mental Health

There are endless areas of daily life you could choose to focus on. For example, perhaps you love to practice yoga twice a week but have a really hard time getting into a quiet, spiritual mindset. Reward yourself for your healthy yoga practice, and focus on creating a serene, sacred space to practice in.

Ask yourself what wellness means to you and why you are setting this intention. Free write beneath the intention you have set about what and why, as well as how you plan to take action toward your intention.

Perhaps the most important part of setting any intention is follow-through. Not only do we have to take action (preferably during the waxing moon), but it is good to reflect back on our intentions at the full moon (or later) and see how we have progressed. Return to your grimoire or sheet of paper in a month or two and reflect on how you have grown in your intention for wellness.

To download the free “Intention for Wellness” worksheet with space to answer each of these questions and to record your intention, sign up below for access to the Super Secret Moonglow Grimoire!

Included in the grimoire is the worksheet, as well as free herbal and crystal profiles, grimoire page templates, full moon correspondences and more. You can also sign up to receive bi-monthly newsletters on the new and full moon with notifications of new grimoire content, blog posts and coupons!

What intentions are you setting this new moon?

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