31 Day Witchy Wellness Challenge

I am so excited to be hosting the 31 Day Witchy Wellness Challenge on Instagram for the month of July! We are already on Day 3 and it is going great – hop on over and join in or follow along with the hashtag #31daywitchywellnesschallenge.

31 Day Witchy Wellness Challenge - July 2018

This challenge consists of 31 prompts designed to help you be the healthiest witch you can be. I know how hard it can be to keep up with a wellness routine, whether your focus is exercise, diet, spirituality or something else, so this challenge is designed to roll all these elements into one cohesive concept. Wellness isn’t just about eating well and waking up early, of course, it’s also about spirituality, trusting our intuition and being mindful. The idea for this challenge is to combine all of these things into one lifestyle that is supportive and healthy, without feeling restraining or stringent. Practical, health-focused prompts are intermingled with spiritual, mindful prompts for developing your psychic awareness and working with the tools of witchcraft, such as herbs and crystals.

My intention for wellness consists of developing more consistent routines for morning and evening, for exercise and for healthy eating. I have fallen into bad habits lately and need to turn it around for a healthier summer!

Join me in this challenge to help each of us become a healthier, more vibrant version of ourselves – with a little witchy flavor to boot. Click here to check out the hashtag!

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