How to Create Your Own Strawberry Moon Ritual

I know a lot of you like to create your own rituals but aren’t always sure where to start. Guidelines can be helpful without being too constricting so that you can follow your heart.

Creating your own rituals is perhaps the most deeply personal way you can engage with your spirituality. There are so many different potential elements of a ritual to choose from that there are endless ways to craft a ritual that suits your own unique spiritual and magickal practice. Creating customized new and full moon rituals is a great way to experiment with this, as they come around frequently and allow lots of room for adaptation.

The Strawberry Moon

One of the most well-known full moon names of the year is the June Strawberry Moon. There’s something special about this evocative name that captures the carefree spirit of the summer.

To begin, I believe most rituals should engage the mind, the body and include elements of magick. Because paganism and witchcraft are very much rooted in nature and connecting with our inner selves, it is important to incorporate activities and elements that tie back to those ideas, but those are pretty much the only rules! Creating a ritual should be an incredibly freeing and creativity process.

Here are a few ideas for engaging the mind and body and practicing magick on the full Strawberry Moon in the month of June:


  • Research strawberries and their magickal significance. Record the information that resonates with you in your grimoire.
  • Practice a meditation in which you imagine yourself walking through a field or forest of wild strawberries. The berry scent permeates the air and you feel bright and alive. Imagine how you can bring that feeling into your day-to-day.


  • Pick fresh strawberries from your garden or the wild (or purchase some at the store.) Spend a few meditative minutes running them under cool water to cleanse them before consuming.
  • Chop up dehydrated/freeze-dried strawberries to use in a gentle, herbal tea blend. This is a great way to incorporate the flavor of strawberries into tea!
  • Take a cool, refreshing bath surrounded by pink or white candles. Enjoy a bowl of fresh strawberries in the bath – perhaps even with a little homemade whipped cream on top!
  • Although you will not find strawberry essential oil, you can make your own strawberry oil by infusing a carrier oil with chopped up strawberries. You will want to start this at least a few days, if not a few weeks, before your ritual. When you are ready to use the oil, strain the strawberries out and pour the oil into a bottle with a roller ball. You can now anoint yourself or candles with the oil during your ritual. 



Cast a love or fertility spell on a bowl of strawberries before consuming them to open yourself up to possibility.

Charge a bowl of strawberries under the light of the full moon and consume them the following day to possess the power of the moon inside you.

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