10 Summertime Prompts For Your Witch’s Grimoire

This is the final seasonal grimoire prompts post, celebrating summer this time! In the heat of summer, witches have so much to celebrate: the return of the sun and abundant growth both in the garden and within ourselves. Summer can be a lazy, laidback time, so embrace that feeling and get deep with yourself and with your grimoire!

Work with the summer astrological signs of Cancer, Leo and Virgo and record information you find about the energies of these signs in your grimoire.

Profile crystals and herbs related to the Summer Solstice and Lammas, such as wheat, sunflowers and citrine. 

Journaling Prompt: Where do you feel like you shine? In what situation do you feel your best, most brilliant self?

Summer is associated with the mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. Research the mother and goddesses associated with her and record what resonates with you in your grimoire.

Summer is when the sun is at its strongest. Record scientific, metaphysical and astrological information about the sun.

Record the steps you take in your Summer Solstice and Strawberry Moon rituals. It can be very helpful and enlightening in the future to be able to refer back and see what you did and how you felt at the time.

Get to know your sun sign. How does it manifest in your real life? What house do you have the sun in and what other planets are also in that house? All of these elements affect your astrological relationship with the sun.

Journaling Prompt: Summer is the season of abundance. What is in full bloom and abundant growth in your life right now? What needs a little extra care to achieve abundance?

Meditate or do a card reading outside in the sunshine. Feel the warmth shine down on your skin and record the results of your solar-powered meditation or reading.

Now that your garden is in abundant production, record the recipes (culinary, medicinal and otherwise) that you are using your herbs and veggies in.

How are you working with your grimoire this summer?

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