How to Safely Charge Crystals in the Sun

Charging your crystals is an important process that helps keep them clear of negative energy and to be a pure conductor of their natural, metaphysical properties. Many witches choose to charge their crystals in moonlight, which is believed to spiritually cleanse them. Sunlight can also be a wonderful way to charge your crystals, especially those associated with light and action, but it’s not as common due to a few potential hazards.

Deeply pigmented crystals are known to fade when left in direct sunlight. Faceted crystals left in direct sunlight can even start small fires by reflecting light onto flammable materials!

Luckily, there are a few ways to work with your crystals in sunlight, as well as a few crystals which are safe to leave in the sun.

Indirect sunlight is your best bet for crystals that can’t be left in the sun. A shady windowsill that faces a sun-filled garden or a spot in the garden where the sun never quite reaches would be perfect.

You may still experience some fading in indirect sunlight due to reflected light, but it won’t be as harsh as direct sun.

Another option is to simply sit for a short period of time in the sun and hold your crystals. Meditate in the garden or a park with a crystal held in your hands.

If left with no other alternatives, you can always use a representation of the sun near your crystals to help boost their solar power. Place crystals around a gold candle, so the flame can represent the sun shining on them. This might be especially powerful in a darkened room where the flame can shine brightly.

Crystals Safe to Leave in Sunlight

The following crystals are safe to charge with the power of the sun, as they won’t fade. Extended periods of sunlight can make some crystals brittle, even if they don’t fade, though so keep that in mind as well.

Obsidian: Obsidian is actually black volcanic glass. Due to its dark color and glass composition, obsidian does not fade in sunlight and, in fact, it is often found naturally outdoors.

Clear Quartz: Perhaps the quintessential cleansing crystal, clear quartz does not fade due to its not being pigmented at all. 

However, be careful not to leave it in a spot where the facets of the crystals could ignite sparks.

Tourmaline: This crystal is wonderful for grounding and because of its dark color, it is not prone to fading in sunlight.

Moonstone: Although moonstone is more appropriately charged in moonlight, it can also be charged in the sun in order to infuse the stone with a balanced masculine-feminine energy.

Do you prefer to charge crystals in sunlight and, if so, which crystals do you like to do so with?

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