How to Create Your Own Full Flower Moon Ritual

Creating your own rituals is perhaps the most deeply personal way you can engage with your spirituality. There are so many different potential elements of a ritual to choose from that there are endless ways to craft a ritual that suits your own unique spiritual and magickal practice. Creating customized new and full moon rituals is a great way to experiment with this, as they come around frequently and allow lots of room for adaptation.

Every full moon of the year has one or more popular “names”, assigned to that month by various world cultures, such as China, the Algonquin tribe and Celtic tribes. You may feel most drawn to a particular name because of your own cultural heritage or just because it appeals to your spiritual inclinations. You can also make up your own moon names!

A few of the common names for the full moon in May are Milk Moon, Planting Moon and Bright Moon, but one of the most popular today is Flower Moon. This seems to cover all the bases and relates to the themes of fertility, growth and blossoming that are also commonly linked to the May sabbat of Beltane. In this post, we are going to explore different ways you can go about creating your own ritual for the full Flower Moon.

To begin, most rituals should include elements that engage the mind, the body and magick. Because paganism and witchcraft are very much rooted in nature and connecting with our inner selves, it is important to incorporate activities and elements that tie back to those ideas, but that is pretty much where the rules end! Creating a ritual should be an incredibly freeing and creativity process.

Here are a few ideas for engaging the mind and body and practicing magick on the full Flower Moon in the month of May:


Practice a meditation in which you find yourself walking through an endless field of blooming flowers to help you find that which is blossoming inside yourself.

Draw or press flowers in a journal and write about what each means to you.


Place a few drops of floral essential oils in your diffuser during your ritual, such as geranium and ylang ylang.


Move through a hip-opening yoga sequence to celebrate fertility.

Use a yoni egg to ignite your sensual side.

Pick flowers from your garden or in the wild to arrange in a floral bouquet. Feel the stems and petals on your skin.

Drink tea made from your favorite edible flowers, such as rose, lavender and sunflower.

Take a cleansing, ritual bath with flowers floating in the water.

Walk or dance barefoot outside on the earth.


Decorate your altar with a pink cloth, flowers, rose quartz and other symbols of springtime.

Cast a love or fertility spell to open yourself up to what the universe has in store for you.

Place a piece of rose quartz over your third eye during meditation.

You could combine any of these activities, along with any other ritual elements you would prefer, into a custom full Flower Moon ritual designed just for you! How will you be celebrating the full moon this month?

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