10 New Moon Prompts for Working with Your Grimoire

It can be challenging to come up with ways to work with your grimoire on a regular basis and not let it sit and collect dust. It is all too easy to fill it with information and then set it aside, rarely to be looked at or engaged with again. But having an active grimoire is so fulfilling and such a wonderful way to stay engaged with your practice on a daily basis! Working with your grimoire throughout the lunar cycle is a great way to make sure you are constantly adding to and referring to your grimoire.

Here are a few ideas to help you do so on the new moon:

Record information about the energy of the new moon. Start a Lunar Grimoire to keep track of your new moon rituals. Record information about the astrological sign that the moon is currently in. Journaling Prompt: What intentions are you setting at this new moon? What goals are you setting? How do your physical goals and spiritual intentions differ from each other? Create a page in your grimoire to record the intentions you set at each new moon for the entire year so that you can keep track of your progress. The new moon is associated with the maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess. Research the maiden and goddesses associated with her and record what resonates with you in your grimoire. Record your favorite oils, crystals and herbs to aid in manifestation work for realizing the intentions you set at the new moon. Look up which phase the moon was in when you were born and record information about it. Journaling Prompt: What have you manifested since the last new moon? Did you realize your intentions or goals that you set then? Pull one tarot card every new moon and record it in the same section of your grimoire each month so you can refer back to where you were at for the beginning of each lunar cycle in the year. Want even more ideas? Click here for 10 full moon grimoire prompts! If you’re looking to further your understanding of the moon even more, register for my FREE on-demand masterclass! In the class, you’ll learn working with the moon phases can help you create structure and a strong foundation of nurturing in your life and your spiritual practice. Register now, and you’ll have immediate access!

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